2014 Swimming Pool Trends

2013 was a great year for the swimming pool industry as the United States has started to rebound from the recession. Swimming pools are being built more often and in greater numbers than they have been since the early part of the century. This can be attributed to the willingness to spend more money on items, or the ease of financing a swimming pool with a low interest loan

However, one of the biggest reasons for the bounce back of the swimming pool industry is the growing trends in swimming pool designs. Pool designers and builders have listened to their buyers – and this has influenced the swimming pool trends for 2014. 

Glass Tiles

One of the newest and most aesthetically pleasing swimming pool design trends for 2014 is the addition and use of glass tile. Glass tile is quickly gaining strength and use over tried and true ceramic tiles. Glass tiles are impervious to common problems associated with ceramic tiles. Glass tiles are harder than normal ceramic tiles and therefore are harder to crack or break. Pool tile has been placed under the coping to highlight the water’s edge since the beginning of swimming pools. Today, glass tiles come in a myriad of colors and finishes to compliment any backyard pool. Glass tile is now used to accent the water’s edge, the hot tub area and even inside the pool. 

Attached Hot Tubs

Swimming pools and hot tubs have always been synonymous. Attaching the hot tub to the swimming pool has gained extreme popularity in swimming pool designs. Today’s hot tubs are accented with glass tiles and spill over features. The newest trend is not putting the hot tub in their traditional spot connected to the side of the swimming pool. Recent swimming pool designs have seen a growing interest in elevating the hot tub to gain a better view of the swimming pool. One of the other growing trends is to make the hot tub appear “invisible” in the design. These hot tubs are placed with walkways in the swimming pool or with negative edges on the side of the pool.  


"Hardscapes" is not usually a word that you would associate with the calm and tranquil softness of water.  However, the words “pool decking” and “coping” do not encompass the scope of the growing hardscape trend in swimming pool designs. Travertine is becoming one of the most sought after hardscape options. Travertine is a natural stone tile known for its beauty and strength. One of the most intriguing features of these tiles is the fact that they stay cool even on the hottest summer day. Flagstone tiles are popular handcrafted stone tiles. Flagstone and other handcrafted stones are known for being extremely smooth and even. Pavers are an excellent option for pool decks in areas that receive large amounts of annual precipitation. Pavers allow for maximum drainage and minimize moisture. Pavers add a rustic brick feel to any pool deck or backyard poolscape. 

Exercise and Wellness

2014 is in its infancy and more than likely, not many of us still have our New Year’s resolution intact. One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions is to improve on health and wellness. Some of the newest trends in swimming pool designs have made keeping resolutions easier. Pools built for exercise and health have gained popularity over the years. Exercise pools are small swimming pools that are built with a resistance jet at the end the pool. This type of pool allows you to swim in a small space without actually moving in the water. These types of swimming pools can be built indoors or outdoors. Lap pools are great options for pool owners with large amounts of space. Lap pools are long, straight and can be built in any length you desire. These swimming pools do not have to be boring. Negative edge lap pools have gained popularity for their functionality and aesthetic value. 

Geometric Design

Freeform swimming pools have been the most popular swimming pool design type for many years. Freeform pools allow for every pool shape and design to be unique - that was until the growing trend for geometric swimming pools started to gain popularity. Geometric shapes can range between a perfect circle to even squares and rectangles. Geometric swimming pools allow for better use of the backyard and space than freeform swimming pools. Today, basic shapes in swimming pool designs still allow for the designer, builder and owner to add their personalities, and therefore uniqueness, into the pool. Geometric swimming pools allow for more room to put custom pool features in and around the pool. Water, lighting, rock and other pool features add character to a basic geometric shaped swimming pool.  

Go Big at Home

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Go Big or Go Home”? Well this is “Go Big at Home.” This new trend doesn’t necessarily mean building the biggest pool imaginable. Who really has enough space in their yard to build a monstrous swimming pool? “Go Big at Home” means building a swimming pool that fits perfectly in your backyard but has a large quantity of custom pool features. Water features like waterfalls and fountains are always a big hit in swimming pool designs. Water features can be built off or into rock features to accent natural landscape. Lighting is a very underrated pool feature in most swimming pool designs. LED lights can be added to deck jets in any swimming pool to add mystery and illusion as the light and water shoot from the pool deck and into the pool.    

2013 was a great year for swimming pool designers, builders and owners. The swimming pool trends of 2014 shine great light on the future of swimming pool design. Swimming pool design is only limited by the imagination. From the strength found in glass tiles to the simplicity of geometric pool shapes, swimming pool designs will continue to push the envelope in to the future. What do you believe will be newest and most popular swimming pool trends in 2015?