Snowy pool

Closing your Swimming Pool

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If you are fortunate enough to live in an area with a warm climate, closing your pool for the winter might be something that you never have to worry about. For the rest of you, leaves changing color and falling to the ground might signal that the time to close your pool is near. Some consider closing the pool or “winterizing” a task, so they rely on their local pool professional for...

Pool and Deck

Making Waves with a Redesign

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Another summer has come and gone. As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming year. If you’ve been thinking about adding that hot tub or changing up your tile, now is the time to do it! As they say, “Out with the old and in with the new!” Small Enhancements Technological advancements and aesthetic additions are small...

Blackbeard's Tower in St. Tomas

National Talk like a Pirate Day

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Ahoy, Matey! Ye be warned that today is National Talk like a Pirate Day! What better way to celebrate than with a pirate-themed backyard pool? HGTV’s My Yard Goes Disney featured a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed backyard remodel in 2011. This backyard makeover included water-shooting cannons, a splash lagoon, play area and a pirate ship - That’s every buccaneer’s dream! Is...

Fire Pit Deck

Fall Features for a "Hot" Backyard

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The temperatures are dropping but the heat is rising. Don’t let the cooler temperatures keep you from being outdoors and enjoying your soothing oasis. Turn up the heat in your backyard with a few fall features. Fireplace and Fire Pits Bring a focal feature to your backyard while creating a cozy environment with a fireplace or fire pit. While fire pits are in the center of your yard to...

Father and Son Cleaning Pool

Simple Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

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Even though Fall is just around the corner, not everyone is rushing to pull out their sweaters and boots just yet! In many parts of the world, swimming pools are still being used – even as the leaves begin to change color. There are still many warm days left, and if you have a pool heater, you may be able to use your pool year round. However, the way you care for your pool may change with...

Woman Sunbathing in Swimming Pool

Throw a Backyard Bash for Labor Day

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You’ve been working hard and school is finally back in session. It’s time for you to relax! Kick back next to your swimming pool, soak up the sun and embrace your day off.  To get you started, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite backyard bash ideas!  With Labor Day around the corner, that can only mean one thing – Monday Night Football! Have your friends...

 Children Playing With Balloons In Swimming Pool

Summertime celebrations in the backyard swimming pool

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There are a few things that most people look forward to during the summer. For kids, being free from homework, early bedtimes and alarm clocks are definitely a few of them. Just this morning, my 8 year old daughter asked, "Mom, why do grown-ups still have to work over the summer when we kids are off?" EXACTLY!!! One day, she will understand, but there are a few things that I still look...

Negative Edge Pool Overlooking the Valley

My Pool Water Is Not All The Same Color?

Tags: Pool Finishes

By Rob Blake POOLCORP Product Manager, Pool Finish & Decorative Concrete When selecting a pool finish, the main thing you may want to know is “What color will my pool water be?” And then you ask youself, “Why doesn’t my pool water match the color in the pictures in the catalog or on the website?” The pictures with this article clearly illustrate just how...

Poolin' Around

Poolin’ Around For The Summer

Tags: Kids, Safety, Sun Exposure

Summer has officially started! The kids are out of school and perhaps already starting to get bored. It would be nice for them to play outside, but it can get really hot outside all day. What better way to enjoy the long days of summer than in the swimming pool? Swimming is a great way to enjoy the days of summer and stay active at the same time.  Safety Proper pool safety isn’t hard...

The Most EPIC Backyard Swimming Pool Escape

Top Ten List of Epic Backyard Swimming Pools

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Today, there is a Top Ten list for everything. We decided there needed to be a Top 10 list for backyard swimming pools. As the temperatures begin to rise and you start to go outside after the long winter, sit back, relax and start dreaming of your own backyard swimming pool. 10. Geometric Swimming Pool Overlooking The Valley Builder: Splash Pool Plastering Location: Glendale, CA Pool...

Splish and Splash

Simple Steps Save Lives

Tags: Safety

May is National Water Safety Month Here at, we want you to be able to get the best information on products, maintenance tips, games, recipes and how to find a pool professional. But some of the most important information that we want to provide for you is how to stay safe in your swimming pool and spa. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 260...

Designing Spaces

Lights, Camera, SPLASH: The Stars of the Show

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By now, we hope you’ve had a chance to watch our Above Ground Segment on the popular home improvement series, Designing Spaces on Lifetime. If you haven’t, be sure that you take the opportunity to get a first-hand look at how above ground pools are constructed. You will see that many quality products are used in constructing this pool for the homeowner. We wanted to take the...

Drilling in Filter Port

Lights, Camera, SPLASH

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Behind The Scenes on the Designing Spaces Set A few months ago, was approached with an amazing opportunity to be able to educate our audience about all of the benefits of above ground swimming pools through a segment on Lifetime TV’s signature home improvement television series, Designing Spaces. As a former television producer, and now social media specialist for...

The GOBY Pressure Cleaner

Top Pool Products of 2014: The GOBY Pressure Pool Cleaner

Tags: Maintenance

Pool season is upon us. As we start to open our swimming pools for the season, we start to notice that our pool products are starting to look a little out of date. When the pool skimmer starts to look a little run down, we all have said, “I think it will last me through the season.” However, that cannot be said about your pool cleaner. If you are looking for a pressure cleaner for...

Gunite Negative Edge Pool

Swimming Pool Tips For Water Conservation Month

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When you think of water conservation, swimming pools might not be the first thing that pops in your head. Water conservation is a very serious issue that the world faces on a daily basis. April is designated as “Water Conservation Month”. Pool owners can actually do their part in water conservation, not only during April, but throughout the entire year.  Pool Filter...