12 Days of Christmas: 3 Built-In's


On the Third day of Christmas My Pool Pro gave to me 3 Built-ins

Everyone loves a little more than just the basic. Whether you call it extra, lagniappe, gravy or perks, more is usually better. In a swimming pool, the ultimate form of extras are called built-ins. For the third day of Christmas, that is exactly what you will receive from your pool pro. Built-ins include additions like swim up bars to complete upgrades like grottos. Custom pool built-in's allow you to use your imignation and be creative with your swimminng pool design. Custom pool built-ins can make a basic  backyard pool transform into everyone’s dream swimming pool.

Custom Entries


Basic swimming pool designs include stairs and steps for the form of entry into the water. Who wants a basic swimming pool? Every swimming pool is unique andshould display your personality. The easy way to do this is to design a custom swimming pool entry.  One of the newest and hottest trends in pool design is a custom beach entry. A beach entry is a little sloping walk in entry similar to entering the ocean from the beach. To add to the beach effect, an aggregate pool finish can give to feel of shells and sand. Beach entries tend to take a large amount of space, so only design a beach entry if you have enough allocated space.  Another design option is to tile your entry to add to your custom pool design. The tile can add dimension and newly perceived levels to your swimming pool.

Swim Up Bars and Tables


One of the best parts of owning a swimming pool is relaxing in the water and enjoying time with family and friends. Swim Up bars allow you the ability to swim to your pool’s edge and enjoy a beverage or food while in the water. Swim up bars can be customized with in water stools and seating. The seating can be tiled for a contrasting look or finished to look like your pool’s interior surface. The actual bar design itself is only limited by your imagination. Add tile or a custom mosaic to show some personal flare. With a custom swim up bar, there is really no reason to get out of the swimming pool while entertaining family and friends.

Grottos and Tanning Ledges


Grottos and tanning ledges are the romantic additions to swimming pool built-ins. A grotto is a cave built into the side of the swimming pool. Many grottos incorporate slides or waterfalls that are on the outside of the cave. The newest trend on grottos is to turn it into the ultimate man cave. These caves can be equipped with TVs, music, swim up bars and seating areas. Tanning ledges are great additions for swimmers who like to soak in the sun rays on a hot summer day. Sometimes called “Baja Benches,” tanning ledges are usually very shallow and give a place for small children to play. Grottos and tanning ledges as built-ins provide the ultimate relaxation destination.

Your pool pro has given you some pretty good stuff already in your pool stocking, and a little bit extra with a custom built-in. Custom swimming pool built-ins are those little extras that turn a basic pool design into very own pool masterpiece. Whether you are in the mood to entertain family and friends or looking for a romantic getaway, swimming pool built-ins can make it a reality.