9 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Fourth of July

9 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Fourth of July Pool Party

So, Fourth of July is coming up and you’ve decided to have a get-together to celebrate the best things about America. So, where do you start? Well, since it’s so dang hot outside for most of us, throwing a pool party is a fantastic idea. But you don’t want to stop there, you want this to be the celebration that people are going to remember! Well, we’ve got your back at SwimmingPool.com. Check out these 9 tips that will make your Independence Day bash a day to remember.


1. Make a Facebook Event


Make a Facebook Event and send invites to all your guests. An invite to a Facebook Event has built-in reminders and is more memorable than word-of-mouth. It also helps you get an idea of how many people will show up.

Facebook Events are a great way to broadcast important information like the location, directions, best parking spots, and start time to an easily accessible space. It’s a lot more convenient than answering a bunch of last minute text messages and will free you up to socialize with early arrivals.


2. Red, White, and Blue


Don’t forget to decorate. Simple red, white, and blue accents will help your party stand out from an everyday get-together and your guests will appreciate the effort. Lots of American flags are a must. Decorative napkins, plates, wreaths, ribbons, and streamers won’t break the bank and are easy to set up as well. A red, white, and blue flower arrangement can make a great centerpiece for a serving table.

For food, serve color-themed food items like cupcakes, parfait bowls with strawberries and blueberries, Firecracker Ice Pops, and blue and red Kool-Aid. If you want vibrant party pictures to end up on Instagram, wrap mason jars in red, white, and blue ribbons and place sparklers inside for guests.


3. Beverages of All Types


Stock up on all your guests’ favorite drinks. A tame punch is a great way to set the pace for your party and lend a communal feel. An assortment of juices and color-themed cocktails will also do the trick. Try and get a wide variety of beverages. People are picky when it comes to refreshments!

Water, water, and more water. It’s ESSENTIAL that you place water nearby the pool so guests don’t get dehydrated. Either serve ice water in a vase or place ice buckets around with water bottles inside, or buy an inexpensive inflatable baby pool and fill it up with ice and drinks.


4. Swim Time Essentials


Just as conveniently placed water is critical to your guests’ health, so is sunscreen. Provide sunscreen near the pool so people don’t forget to apply. Make a conscious effort to remind people to apply or reapply throughout the party. The more fun people are having, the faster time flies by and the more severe a sunburn can get. That’s not how you want people to remember your party.

It might be a good idea to have extra towels handy. Towels are one of the easiest items to forget when you’re going swimming and having some for guests will reduce the amount of water that gets tracked in your house or soaked on your furniture.

5. Music to Set the Vibe


Music is one of the most important features of a great party. Consciously and subconsciously we pick up on the mood of background music and our social interactions reflect that. Either make a playlist of light, fun music you know your guests will enjoy or ask someone you trust to DJ for the party. People have specific types of music they prefer, but it’s best to pick something accessible that pleases the majority of the crowd.


6. Games


Pool games can be a great way to break the ice and add an active energy to the party. Games like Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows don’t require any preparation and can involve any number of guests. Other fun games like noodle jousting, a cannonball splash contest, or a handstand contest will fire up the competitive spirits of your party-goers. Red, white, and blue water balloons are a playful addition if you don’t mind picking up the broken pieces later.


7. Lighting is Key


If there’s one thing that determines the quality of your party, it’s the people. So, make sure they’re well lit! Avoid overhead and florescent lighting. Use lamps and candles to provide a nice glowing light that creates an intimate atmosphere. If you prefer not to use open flames, flameless battery operated candles that flicker like the real thing are available just about everywhere these days in a variety of style, colors, and prices.


8. Welcome Your Guests


When your guests first arrive, don’t just introduce yourself and move on. Give them a quick tour, point them to the bathrooms, and offer them a drink. When you can, introduce them to some of your friends that are great talkers. This will get the mingling started and allow everyone to make some new friends. These extra gestures help your party ramp up faster and increase the chances people branch outside of the people they know.


9. Let go!


Remember to let go and HAVE FUN! One of the best things a host can do for a party is to set the tone for having a great time. No matter how you prepare for a party, it’s going to take its own shape anyway. These tips will help your potential for a good time, but sometimes people want to do something completely different than what you planned. Just roll with it and make sure everyone is taken care of. Some of the best parties the result of happy accidents!