Aquacising While Away - Utilize the Pools on Vacay!

Stepping out of her own backyard, guest blogger and content writer Janel Evans explores ways to exercise while vacationing at the beach.

Spring is here in Southeast Louisiana! The temps are steadily climbing and for this working wife and mom of two, that means it’s time to make the most of the weekends outside in the sun! Our family thought that there was no better way to usher in the month of May than to spend it on the beach in Northwest Florida with friends. As a self-proclaimed “gym rat”, I was a bit nervous to leave the comforts of my local fitness center for a few days to spend time on the beach. I had spent 6 days a week working out since January in the warmth of the indoor facility and had become quite comfortable in my routine. In researching the amenities of our condo, I realized that our complex not only had a fitness center, but also two large swimming pools.

 I set out to make a plan, and in my research I found that swimming in an effective way to not only burn calories, but also works all muscles of your body. I didn’t have to research far for some exercises… they were available in the “Aquacise” section of our website! In fact, because walking is one of my favorite forms of exercise, I paid close attention to the section on water walking for fitness too. I realized that I would be able to get in a great workout while splashing around in the pool with the kids. And because it is recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, I was also able to incorporate a bit of kid exercise in the pool


My workout was not only limited to the swimming pool. I realized that walking through sand on the beach is a great workout for the legs. The waves were also a bit high and fighting to keep balance while playing in the Gulf of Mexico was an exercise in strength.

As I realized this weekend, think outside the box (and outside the gym) for great ways to get in your workout. Splashing in the pool is not only an amazing way to spend time with your family making memories, but also a great way to meet your daily fitness goals.