Bringing Paradise to Your Backyard

Another summer has come and gone and you spent it sharing a pool with the rest of your neighborhood or driving through town to enjoy someone else’s swimming pool. You’ve been having your dreams set on having your own backyard pool for weeks, months, or even years. Make your dreams a reality by getting started now, and have your pool ready for the warm months ahead.
For those debating whether a swimming pool is right for you, research! Before you dive into this investment, learn what to expect and what a pool can do for you.


Once your pool is up and running, start enjoying everything this serene backyard oasis has to offer. Invite everyone over for a summertime pool party or enjoy some “me time” in the relaxing outdoors. The opportunities are truly endless.
If you’re looking to really make a splash, consider add-ons for your outdoor poolscape. Look for small additions such as pool floaties, sports gear, or water exercise equipment. For something that really adds a “wow factor,” consider adding a waterslide, diving board, tanning ledge, or swim-up bar. Customize your pool whichever way you like for your ultimate backyard escape.

How It's Made features all the safety precautions that go into designing a diving board.

Improves Health

Swimming pools provide more than just entertainment. Health benefits are a major contributor to the appeal of this pastime. Of course, the more active you are, the more calories you will burn. However, pools play a greater part in our health.
According to the CDC, water-based exercise can help with more complex health issuessuch as chronic illness, mental health, and health in older adults. Keep in mind this can be done in both an inground and above ground swimming pool.

Added Value

If you plan on selling or renting your home, an inground swimming pool can increase your home value by 8-10%, according to The National Association of Realtors. This added financial value will vary based on each specific market, but you can still expect to see an added value. Because we understand this can be a large investment, LightStream and Lending Club offer affordable rates and flexible terms for qualified customers.  If you’re looking for other financing options, aims to offer options to fit the needs of future pool owners.

See it come to life by designing your dream pool and contacting your local pool professional.  Dive in and get started today!