Celebrate Dad with a Backyard Grill

Summertime and outdoor grilling go hand in hand. When we think about the typical grilling holidays, 4th of July always comes to mind. But even before we celebrate Independence Day, another summer holiday can bring friends and family together in the backyard - Father's Day! Whether you are thinking about a great gift for Dad or the perfect menu for the celebration, our ideas below can help plan the perfect weekend for your Pop!

Conventional Outdoor Grills

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Dad, an outdoor grill is a great option. Grills can come in all shapes and sizes. Many homeowners have started to integrate them as part of an outdoor kitchen to create a more finished look. However, traditional grills are a great option for pool owners who enjoy the flexibility of moving the grill around the pool area. Classic charcoal grills are great options for grillers who prefer the natural flavor of smoke. Gas grills have become popular for grills who enjoy grilling but lack the time required with charcoal grills. Gas Grills heat faster and more evenly that charcoal grills. 

Grill Domes

Another grill that has gained popularity lately is a ceramic “dome” grill. This type of grill is known to heat more efficiently than a metal grill while heightening the taste of the food. A great choice for a ceramic grill is a Primo Grill. There are three models available that allow you to choose which best fits your needs. Two of the three feature a patented oval shape giving you maximum flexibility. It features the ability to grill or smoke while maintaining even heating across the grill. They are also backed by a 20 year warranty!

Grilling Options and Ideas

There’s no better place to eat a grilled burger than in the backyard. But a poolside grilling menu can go way beyond just the typical burgers and hot dogs. From appetizers to even desserts, you can grill an entire meal for friends and family to enjoy…and even add a few poolside beverages to the mix! Be sure to start with appetizers such as marinated grilled shrimp or quesadillas. You can also choose a main dish to complement any eating lifestyle, from grilled vegetarian dishes like Portobello mushrooms and eggplant to any meat dish like grilled pork ribs, steak, fish or chicken. Also, don’t forget the flavor by adding rubs and marinades! Finish the meal with an amazing dessert such as grilled fruit, brownies or the ever popular S’mores! Try some of these easy and delicious grilling recipes:

For more ideas to create the perfect menu for your Father's Day celebration, visit our recipe section