Common Mistakes in Pool Improvement

If you’ve ever done a home improvement project, you know that sometimes the preparation BEFORE the project, the headaches DURING the project and the results AFTER the project can make you want to hire a professional in the future. But don’t give up just yet. Sometimes proper planning can make all the difference. We’ve listed a few mistakes that homeowners make in home improvement projects that are also similar in pool improvement projects:

Mistake #1:

Not Getting a Proper Permit

Before you allow any work to be done, you need to be sure you have the proper work permits. The last thing that you want is for someone to get hurt on the job and have you liable. Because permits vary in different areas, check with your local requirements.

Mistake #2:

Buying Cheap Materials

I know that it’s important to save money, but when it comes to things like a swimming pool that is intended to last for a number of years, you do not want to cut corners. In any construction project, the phrase “you get what you pay for,” holds true.

Mistake #3:

Not Hiring a Contractor

A contractor will not only be able to manage the job site, but he will also know the correct materials to buy, the correct permits to pull, and how to handle when issues occur.

Mistake #4:

Not Measuring Correctly

You’ve all heard the phrase – “measure twice, cut once…” When you are dealing with costly materials, you never want to waste any. If your dimensions are off, this can affect your plumbing, deck construction, etc. It may take more time to be careful and measure a few times, but it will definitely save time and more money in the long run.

Mistake #5:

Going Too Trendy

I know that pool owners want the latest trends when they are building or remodeling their pool, but you might want to be careful of going TOO trendy. Say you build the pool with unique modern features and suddenly you are transferred and must move. Your new potential homeowners might not be so keen on the over the top pool. Usually the word “trendy” means short term. You want to build a pool with features that will last several years…not just a few months.

Mistake #6:

Not Using Green Materials

There are so many energy efficient materials that you can add to your pool today! Why not take advantage of the opportunity to save money? Going green is a very smart investment to save money and the environment.

Mistake #7:

Disregarding Safety

On your job site, no matter the project, you must take safety precautions. You should always wear gloves and proper work boots because of nails and other sharp objects. Be sure that any contractor on your site is also properly protected.

Mistake #8:

Ignoring Your Home’s Design

You will want your pool area to reflect the style of your home. The last thing you want to do is build a sleek lined and modern pool on a Spanish style home.

Mistake #9:

Not Following Budget

When you set a budget for a project, keep it realistic. Always build in a cushion for unexpected expenses, but don’t go beyond what you can afford. Also be sure to realize that labor is usually the largest part, so if you do bring in extra help, plan for that.

Mistake #10:

Thinking Bigger Than The Neighborhood

When you complete any renovation project, one of the first considerations is how much equity this might add if you were to sell. What some homeowners tend to forget is that there is only so much value in a neighborhood. You never want to own the biggest house on the block and the same goes for the pool! Be sure that you are not overbuilding a backyard pool comparable with the value for your home and the neighborhood.

Hopefully you’ve learned a few common mistakes to avoid that will prevent big headaches in the future before tackling that big pool improvement project.