Easy Pool Closing Checklist

Now that summer is over, part of pool ownership includes preparing for those months when you will not be using the swimming pool. In some areas, pools can stay open year-round because the weather is either mild enough or the owner has invested in a swimming pool heater. But for the rest of the areas where nighttime temps plummet to 40 degrees or below, a pool should be closed or winterized.

Balance The Water

All pool structure and equipment should be fully inspected prior to closing the pool. If anything needs to be repaired, it should be done in advance of winterization.  You should first vacuum your pool to rid it of excess debris. Then take proper care to balance the water’s pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity. Make sure to shock the pool and add any necessary algaecides. You will need a proper pool kit for this step. If you are unsure how to balance the water, take a sample to your local pool retailer.

  • Check all equipment for damage or checks
  • Vacuum the pool completely removing all debris
  • Balance the pool water
  • Check and balance the water pH
  • Check and balance the calcium hardness
  • Check and balance the pool’s alkalinity
  • Make sure to add Shock and Algaecide to the pool for sanitizing purposes

Remove and Storage of Pool Products

After your water is properly balanced, remove all accessories including automatic cleaners, ladders, skimmer baskets, etc. You will then want to lower your water level 3-5” below the skimmer. Then you will need to drain all water from your pump, filter, heater and chlorinator – leaving no water in any of the plumbing lines. Excess water can deteriorate and affect the pool products efficiency during the winter months. Also, the last thing you want is for that excess water to freeze and crack your pipes! If you have a chemical feeder, you should also empty it.

  • Place in a storage area
  • Place water level 3 to 5 inches below the skimmer level
  • Drain all water from all pumps, filters, heaters, chemical feeder and chlorinators

Cover The Pool

Cover your pool with a solid (not mesh) pool winter cover. Clip the pool cover to tie downs on the pool deck to keep debris out and prevent algae growth.

  • Cover the pool with a sturdy, non mesh, winter cover
  • Clip the cover to tie downs on the pool deck

Don’t forget – just because your pool is closed, doesn’t meant that you still can’t enjoy your backyard. Winter is a great time to consider other backyard features such as an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or firepit and even a hot tub! Any of these features can provide year-round entertainment and a gathering place for family and friends.