The Endless Joys of Pool Toys

One of the best reasons to own a pool is to experience fun times with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong – a swimming pool is a great place to exercise and relax, but we all have those memories of splashing around as kids with beach balls for hours on end! Pool toys have come a long way from just a float and a beach ball! In fact, with just a few pool toys, you can keep the kids (and even the adults) entertained for an entire afternoon!

Pool Noodles

One of the most popular and inexpensive pool toys you need to have in your backyard is a collection of pool noodles. These can range anywhere from a dollar for the most basic to $20 for a higher end model that includes lights! With pool noodles, you can play a number of different games or just use them to float! Pool noodles are also a great addition for resistance water exercises. Here are few fun pool games that use pool noodles:

  • Noodle Joust

  • Scavenger Hunt

Beach Balls

Of course, don’t forget the tried and true beach balls! There are so many games of volleyball and basketball that you can play in the pool! And speaking of those sports, it’s easy to turn your pool into a “sport pool” with the addition of a basketball or volleyball net.

  • Bumper Balls

  • Water Hoops

The New Generation of Pool Toys

Other great toys that you can get to keep kids active in the pool are dive sticks and water cannons. The great thing about these is that now you can get them with built-in LED lighting, so the fun can go well into the night.

Big Kid Pool Toys

For adults, nothing beats an inflatable raft to relax on, but there are also new toys such as floating beverage pong tables and even floating pool speakers, so you can enjoy the tunes while taking a dip!

So the next time you visit your local pool retailer, be sure that you checkout the toys and games they have to offer. The fun and entertainment that pool toys provide is hard to rival!