Hire a SwimmingPool Professional | Save Your Time & Money

Owning a swimming pool during the dog days of summer can be a great luxury. Being able to escape the heat and stresses of the world in your own back yard is amazing. However, who has time to keep their swimming pool water and backyard area spotless? Luckily, if pool maintenance doesn’t fit in your busy schedule, there are pool service professionals who can keep your pool clean. The mental image of a teenager cleaning and checking your swimming pool water is one of the past. 

Today, swimming pool professionals are the best way to keep your pool water crystal clear. Finding the right pool professional isn’t as hard as you would think and could save you valuable time and money in the future.


It is true that you can purchase pool chemicals from big box stores, but do you know exactly what the contents of those chemicals are? Many pool chemicals bought at a big box store consist of chemicals that your pool may not need and fillers to keep the price low. However, some of these fillers can actually affect the pool water adversely and ruin the pool finish

Pool professionals actually use professional swimming pool chemicals. These chemicals are not filled with extras and only contain effective sanitizers, swimming pool water quicker and more effectively. 



Swimming pool professionals do much more than clean and add chemicals to your swimming pool. Pool professionals also make inspections of the swimming pool’s structural integrity and parts. This is important because catching a defective part earlier can cut overall cost to repair the defective part. Imbalance of swimming pool chemistry can affect more than the pool water. The pool interior finish can begin to leach and become discolored. A pool professional can perform a Leak Detection Test to see if there is a problem with the pool’s structural integrity. An inspection by a swimming pool professional will diagnose any problems with the swimming pool and help come up with an action plan to save you valuable money. Proper swimming pool inspections can detect a need for repairs including:

  • Resurfacing

  • Equipment replacement

  • Filter and Pump repairs

  • Valve repairs

  • Heater and motor repairs

  • Plumbing repairs


Your swimming pool should be tested 2-3 times a week to properly maintain the pool chemistry. Swimming pool professionals have many responsibilities when maintaining your pool. They check and balance the pool chemicals and shocking the pool, if necessary. Cleaning the pool deck and skimmer baskets, brushing down all pool surfaces, surface skimming and bottom debris removal is a extremely beneficial part of week pool maintenance. Keeping debris out of the pool can help keep the pool sanitized.  If your pool filter needs to be backwashed, a pool professional can properly service the filter. 

When opening your pool for the spring or closing it up for the winter, you should enlist the services of a pool professional. During a typical pool opening, a pool professional will remove and fold the pool cover, reassemble the filter tank and pump, ladders and rails, start and check the filter system, write a chemical analysis of pool water, and add initial shock treatment to the pool. During a closing, a pool professional will remove the ladders, handrails and stairs, winterize the pump, filter and heater, winterize lines, add chemicals and replace the pool cover. This will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Remember, you can actually watch and ask questions of the pool professional while they are servicing your swimming pool. They can show you how to test the pool water chemistry with test strips and what to look for around the equipment pad and filter.


Upgrade of Pool Equipment

Having the right equipment, specifically matched to your needs, must be properly and professionally installed. The newest trend in swimming pools today is energy efficient products. Many pool owners are starting to replace their equipment with the latest in energy efficient products like pumps and solar covers. Energy efficient products have many benefits. Energy efficient pumps and covers have been shown to reduce costs and water conservation. When a pump works efficiently it uses less power and water to keep the pool water crystal clear. Some states offer tax incentives and rebates for homeowners that purchase energy efficient products for their swimming pool. Having swimming pool energy efficient products will make all the difference in the quality of your swimming environment.

Today, we are always busy and have extremely full schedules. If you have a swimming pool you may be sacrificing more than just maintaining your swimming pool water. You could actually be damaging the structural integrity of the pool without even knowing it.  A swimming pool professional that comes and maintains your swimming pool can save you money, time and hassle. Pool professionals can make that extra time, time you could be enjoying your backyard swimming pool.