Insurance Questions with Pool Ownership

Your first instinct while your pool is under construction is to plan that first pool party, right? WRONG! While you might get caught up in all the excitement of your new pool, you should also remember to overlook the more serious matters – making sure that you have the correct and adequate insurance coverage for your new pool in your homeowner’s policy.

We get many questions here at, and in addition to “How much does a new pool cost or cost to maintain?” another is, “How much will my insurance increase?” As with any new addition to your lifestyle such as a boat or RV, your pool will also make your cost of coverage increase slightly. Obviously, there is no exact answer, and the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact your insurance provider with the details of the pool you are building, or are planning to build.

Types of Insurance

Your homeowners insurance generally covers two things – liability against people suing you and coverage for damage to your home and things on the premises. Your pool would be considered as something separate from your home such as a shed. The swimming pool would be covered from jeopardies such as storms unless it is specifically excluded. Some things are not covered such as freeze and damage from ice, so if you live in a colder climate, you will need to be sure your pool is properly winterized by a pool professional.

When dealing with the liability portion of your insurance, you will want extra protection from being sued if someone were to get hurt while using your swimming pool. It is always a good idea to take proper pool safety measures if you decide to own a swimming pool. You will probably want to increase your liability coverage when adding your pool to protect your assets.

Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Another important consideration is making sure that your pool builder has proper insurance before the job begins. To avoid extra charges and costs, be sure that the proper permits are in place before any construction begins.

After deciding you want a swimming pool, the first thing you should do is ask yourself about the cost and coverage of insurance that is needed. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and insurance provider:

  • How much will my homeowner’s insurance increase?

  • How much liability insurance coverage should I carry?

  • Do I need to add any features like a pool fence in order to get insured with a pool?

  • Is my pool builder bonded and insured?

Having a new swimming pool is a very exciting thing, and protecting this new investment is the first step in responsible pool ownership.