The Lasting Benefits of Pool Exercises

When people think of getting exercise in a swimming pool, they generally think of doing basic swim strokes – freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, etc. While these are great and very effective, there are also many other exercises that you can do in a swimming pool even if you can’t perform the basic swim strokes.

Water exercise is a great form of fitness. Not only does it provide resistance, it can support your weight, which makes it a great choice for those recovering from an injury, with joint issues and even the elderly. It can also be great for women that are pregnant because it presents a low risk of injury.

Water Exercise Equipment

Equipment can be used when exercising in water, but you can also perform it with everyday household objects or none at all.  Pool Exercise Equipment includes:

  • Pool Noodles

  • Pool Dumb bells

  • Pool Kick Boards

One such exercise that doesn't involve any exercise equpiment is water walking. It’s just about as easy as it sounds! Because it provides more resistance than air, it is great for building muscle as well as raising the cardio level. You would simply walk forward 8-10 steps as you would on land, and then walk backwards – using a different group of muscles. For higher intensity, you can also water jog – either in shallow or deep water.

Leg Workout

Another great water exercise is water squats. You would perform a squat similar to what you would do on land, bending your knees slightly and pushing hips back as if you are sitting in a chair. You then squeeze your glutes as you rise up and repeat. It is a good idea to use a pool noodle for balance and promote good posture. 

Another great water exercise for the legs is leg lifts. Stand in shoulder deep water and hold on to the side of the pool. Raise your left leg as high as it can go to the side. Repeat 8-10 times then repeat on the right leg.

Arm Workout

For arms, you can do a lateral raise. For this move, you stand in shoulder deep water with your hands on your sides. Slowly extend both arms out to shoulder height and then return to your sides. Repeat. For added resistance and strength training, try to do the lateral raises with pool dumbbells. 

Don’t forget, any water movement will burn calories. But making a conscious effort to take advantage of the resistance of water can really make a difference in your healthy lifestyle.