Light Up Your Pool Area with Fire Features

There’s a chill in the air – but that’s no reason to board up the backyard swimming pool area for the winter! In fact, there are so many events and activities that you can still do in your backyard throughout the fall and winter. A great way to keep the activities going is with the addition of a fire feature to your backyard area. Not only will it provide a beautiful, aesthetic place to gather, it will also provide warmth for those chilly nights!

A fire feature has recently become one of the most popular additions to the backyard area. There are a few different types and styles, and we will briefly explore the benefits.


A fireplace is a gorgeous focal feature that is added to the pool area and can be designed to complement both the pool and the home’s design. Set on the edge of the pool or patio, it provides not only warmth, but also lighting. One benefit of a fireplace is that because it is set on the edge of the area, it can easily be landscaped around and does not take up much area.

Fire Pits

A fire pit has also become very popular because of the versatility of design. Fire pits are also the most inexpensive type of fire feature. A fire pit can be built in or can have the ability to be moved. It also comes in a variety of sizes, from 3’ to 6’ and sometimes even larger. A fire pit can be wood burning or gas. Fire pits can be built out of any hard material such as brick, concrete or steel. Generally is at the center of the patio area, offering a great place to gather. 

Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Don’t forget another use of a fire feature –cooking! While it’s easy to be able to roast marshmallows on the fireplace and fire pit, you can also add a grill to your backyard for cooking! Grilling in a outdoor kitchen or grill area is an amazing use of a fire feature. Barbeque island grills are a growing trend for the pool area. Your grill can be standalone or integrated into a larger outdoor kitchen for non-stop backyard parties!

Fire Walls

One of the newest trends in pool fire features are fire walls. Most of these walls have flames that come out of the top and illuminate the night sky. These walls can also be equipped with a water feature. These fire water fountains combine the calming sounds of water with the brilliance of fire. 

So while you are thinking that the cool weather may be placing a hiatus on your backyard fun, with a fire feature, the gathering are just beginning!