Open the Pool: Chemical and Chemical Safety

Opening your swimming pool can be a time-consuming task. Here at, we want to provide time-saving tips when you decide it’s time to open your swimming pool. Having a Pool Opening Checklist can make the process easy and streamlined.

We have already talked about checking the equipment pad for cracks and wear to the pool pump and filter. Now, we will talk about the importance of chemicals and chemical safety when opening the swimming pool. Proper pool chemical safety can not only save time, but also money in the life of your pool.

Pool Chemicals

Before testing the water and adding chemicals to your pool, make sure to skim and vacuum the pool. Test the pool chemistry after cleaning out the dirt and debris from the pool. Make sure to test for a balanced water pH. Pool water pH should between 7.2 and 7.6. Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity are also key metrics to measure when opening the pool. 225 ppm (parts per million) is an ideal figure for balanced pool water. Total Alkalinity should be maintained around 130 ppm.

Shocking the pool should be done when opening the swimming pool for the season. The shock is used to maintain an adequate level of Free Available Chlorine. Free Available Chlorine is the key factor in sanitizing the pool water.  

Lastly, add algaecide to the pool if you notice algae blooms inside your swimming pool. Green algae is the most common type of swimming pool algae. The color of the algae bloom will determine the appropriate treatment. 

Chemical Safety


Proper pool chemical safety sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Did you know that pool chemicals that are past their expiration can be extremely harmful to your swimming pool? Pool chemicals that are used to maintain balanced water chemistry can break down the pool finish. This can cause leaching and for the surface to become rough. This can become expensive because the pool would have to re-plastered.

Expired chemicals can also throw the water chemistry off and cause corrosion to the pipes, pool pump or filter. A corroded pool pump or filter can cause problems such as poor circulation of the pool water. This can cause algae bloom and poor circulation aliments.

Remember, there are pool professionals in your area to open and maintain your swimming pool if you desire.  Proper pool chemical safety can save you some serious time and money when opening your swimming pool. 

Pool chemicals are necessary when owning a swimming pool. Remember to always store your pool chemicals in a dry area and away from any small children. If your pool chemicals are past the expiration, contact your local pool store for the proper discard procedure. You are almost ready to go through the process of opening your swimming pool for the season.