Open Your Pool: The Checklist

Opening your swimming pool for the year signals that the cold of winter is over and the fun of summer is upon us. We have talked about the chemical and pool safety precautions to take when opening your pool. Remember that checking the equipment pad for cracks and unusual wear can save you money in the long life of your pool. Finally, make sure that your pool water chemistry is balanced.

Pool opening is a very rewarding process when done correctly. This “Pool Opening Checklist" will help you stay on track and make the pool opening process streamlined. 

Pool Chemical Safety

Check the expiration date on the pool chemicals

Discard the pool chemicals that are past the expiration date

Store pool chemicals out of the reach of children

Store chemicals in a cool, dry and well ventilated place

Pool chemicals should NOT be store above eye level

Make sure all chemical containers are closed tightly

Do NOT store liquid chemicals above powder or solid chemicals

Do NOT store oxidizers next to acids

Always discard used pool chemical containers

Check the Equipment Pad

Visually inspect the foundation, pool pump and filter for cracks and breaks

Check the drainage area around the equipment pad

Check the pressure gauge found on the pool filter

Check the electrical wire components of the filter, pump and heater for fraying

Clean the heat exchange on your pool heater before lighting for the year

The Swimming Pool

Trim trees and shrubs around the swimming pool

Remove any water on the pool cover with a shop vacuum

Remove the winter pool cover

Clean, sweep off and allow the winter pool cover to thoroughly dry

Tightly roll up the cover and store in a dry place

Inspect the swimming pool for cracks in the pool deck, pool finish and other pool parts

Fill the swimming pool until the pool water is halfway up the skimmer weir

Clean and vacuum any dirt or debris from the swimming pool

Testing the Water

Test your swimming pool water for pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Free Chlorine, and Metals

Add Algaecide if necessary

Add Pool Shock and all other necessary chemicals

Pour the chemicals at a short distance from the pool water

Test the pool water to check for balanced water chemistry

Turn on the pool filter

Wait at least 24 hours before swimming

If you followed these steps, you have now successfully opened your swimming pool! Make sure to wait the full 24 hours to allow the pool chemicals to work properly and sanitize your swimming pool. If you have any issues with any part of the pool opening process, call your local pool professional. The pool professional can answer any pool related question you may have. Now it’s time for some fun in the sun with your newly opened back yard swimming pool!