Open Your Pool: Equipment Pad Area

Depending on your geographical area, the latest technology available for swimming pools allows many pool owners the ability to keep their pool open year round with proper water circulation, heating and filtration.

However, many regions force pool owners to close their swimming pools because of the frigid temperatures. The good news is that spring is near and soon pools can open for everyone to enjoy.

Before you are ready for that first swim, there are a number of things that you need to do to be sure your pool is ready. Over the next few days, we will explore these steps to get your pool ready.

Remove the Cover

After you’ve removed the cover, it’s good to pull out the winterizing plugs and replace the wall fittings and skimmer baskets. Make sure to add water to the correct level so that you ensure proper suction when you prime your pump.

Check the Equipment Pad

When that’s complete, head over to the equipment pad to check the pump, filter and heater. First check to see if there are any cracks to the equipment pad base. A crack in the equipment pad base can shift the pool parts and cause cracks. Be sure to check the equipment pad periodically through the year. You should check the heater to clear debris, and be sure that the winter moisture has not corroded any electrical parts.

If you have a cartridge filter, check to be sure the cartridge does not have any cracks or tears. If you have a sand filter, your filter may need to be backwashed over the next few days or weeks. If you keep your eye on your pressure gauge, you will know when that needs to be completed.

Prime the Pool Pump

To prime the pump for opening your swimming pool, add water to your pump basket and loosen the pressure gauge on the filter. Turn the system on and as excess air is released from the filter pressure gauge, you will see bubbles in the pool and the pump is being primed. This is a good time to check for leaks in the equipment pad area.

Remember, it is easy to contact a pool professional in your area to come to your home and open your swimming pool for you. This is a great option for busy working pool owners who don’t have time to go through the necessary steps of properly opening a swimming. Opening the pool the right way will save time and money in the long life of your swimming pool.