Open Your Pool: Pool Safety

Pool safety is a top priority within the swimming pool industry. Every year, there are numerous swimming pool related accidents around the nation. Proper knowledge and practice of pool safety can reduce these accidents.

Many people think they don’t have the time to learn about proper pool safety.  Learning proper pool safety shouldn't be seen as a time burden for a pool owner. Knowing the basics of pool safety is a must if you own a swimming pool. These few safety precautions can prevent pool accidents and possibly save lives.

Maintenance Safety

In our Chemical Safety blog, we discussed the need for proper pool chemical safety. Expired pool chemicals can be extremely harmful to you and your pool. The pool opening process is a great time to check to see if you have all the necessary pool safety products.

Remember to always store pool chemicals in a cool, dry place at or below eye level. The storage space should be well ventilated. The chemicals should also be stored out of direct sunlight. The rule of thumb is to never store pool oxidizers and acids near each other. The oxidizer can emit a chlorine gas when combined with acid. Lastly, NEVER stack chemical containers. This can cause contamination of the pool chemicals. 

Product Safety

Drain covers, skimmer lids and water outlets should be checked for cracks during pool opening. This is also a great time to tighten any loose outlets. Replace any cracked or broken pool parts. Check with your local pool retailer for the correct size, make and model for any broken pool parts.

The pool opening is a great opportunity to update and maintain any pool fences, safety net, covers or other safety equipment. Safety covers are not the same as the winter cover that you removed from the pool during opening. This cover should be checked for any holes or tears. Safety nets should not have openings that are big enough for a small children to put a limb through. You should never stand or walk on a safety net. Having the proper safety equipment can save lives, especially children and pets.  

The pool opening is a great time to check if you are following proper pool safety procedures. If you ever have any questions about the proper safety procedure, contact your local pool professional. They can explain to you the safety requirements and why the safety requirement is necessary. Knowing proper pool safety can save lives and extend your swimming fun in the sun.