Our Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaners

Spring is here and you can’t wait to spend your free time in your backyard swimming pool. The best part about owning your own swimming pool is the countless hours you will spend relaxing, playing, entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. The worst part – keeping that pool water clean and clear…that is, until now!

Pool maintenance is now easier than ever. With technologies such as automation, keeping your pool crystal clear is now simple. Outdoor swimming pools are meant for relaxing dips in the summer time, so the constant need for cleaning and filtering can be frustrating.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners remove most of the hassle of pool upkeep by constantly filtering unwanted leaves, garbage, and chemicals from the swimming pool. With automatic pool cleaners becoming more and more affordable, no residential swimming pool should be without one. Automatic pool cleaners operate in conjunction with a pool's filtering system. Three major types of automatic pool cleaners are available: those that attach to the suction (or input) side of the pool's plumbing, those that attach to the pressure (or output) side, and self-contained robotic cleaners. The first two hook up directly to the pool's existing filtering system, and can add additional filtering and dirt-removal capabilities. Robotic pool cleaners contain their own easily cleaned filtering systems, and are thus self-contained and self-powered. Most robotic pool cleaners connect to an electric socket or run on battery power, and then roam around the pool at random collecting dirt and unwanted debris. Some recent models allow you to lead the robot cleaner with a remote control, so you can precisely target something you see in the pool.

Trying to decide which automatic swimming pool cleaner is right for you? With all of the cleaners and options on the market today, you may have a tough time choosing. Once you understand the different types of pool cleaners available – pressure-side, suction-side and robotic – and determine which is right for your swimming pool, we’ve taken the next step for you and have made recommendations based on research of the top brands in the industry.

Pressure-Side Cleaner

If you are looking for a pressure-side cleaner and you want your pool cleaned quickly and completely, we recommend the Kreepy Krauly Legend cleaner from Pentair. A host of design features combine to keep the Legend cleaner on the move, thoroughly cleaning most pools in just 1 to 3 hours. The debris channel and large intake throat handles leaves, twigs and other large debris with ease. The Front-wheel drive generates maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total coverage of pool bottom and walls. The independent booster pump helps provide optimum cleaning power and unimpeded surface skimming. Another great feature is that disposable cleaner bags are also available—no need to empty or touch debris again.

Suction-Side Cleaners

In researching suction-side cleaners, we’ve found that the Stanley PoolTec DLX In-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is the newest and most innovative way to keep your pool clean. The trusted brand of Stanley, with its master craftsmanship and innovative design provides a cleaner that is easy to install and operate and provides continuous cleaning of most in-ground pools. Operating with your pool’s filter, this suction cleaning mechanism maintains a proper angle for optimal performance while cleaning pools with depths of 9 ft.

If you are looking for an above ground model, the Stanley PoolTec Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice. It cleans coved, flat-bottomed pools as well as pools with a deep swimming area (up to 6 ft.).

Robotic Automatic Cleaners

Many consumers are now selecting incredibly efficient robotic units as their cleaners of choice. These are great at cleaning small debris and sand as well as one of the only types that clean and scrub the walls and tile line. The Dolphin Supreme M3 and M4 from Maytronics are great options for robotic cleaners. These award-winning models have features that are designed for customers and are backed by the Maytronics name which has provided 25 years of technological leadership. Not only are Dolphin M3 and M4 energy efficient (average cost of less than $0.15 to clean the pool), but they have weekly timers where a user can preset cleanings throughout the week.