The Pool Industry Big 3 Review Their Warranty Policies

The year 2013 was a big one for the swimming pool industry. Recently, the “Big 3” decided to step back and take a look at their existing pool product warranty programs. All three decided that changes needed to be made to help the industry. Each company extended their warranty policies if the pool product is installed by a pool professional. This will enable the pool owner and pool companies to make sure that the product works correctly, and not installed incorrectly, before having to replace expensive parts.


Pentair has always had one of the long standing warranty policies in the swimming pool industry. Pentair had the policy to replace and repair products for a whole year or more. Recently, they revised the policy to limit the warranty to 60 days if the product is not installed by a pool professional. Under the new warranty program a Pentair product installed by a certified pool professional will be covered for up to five years depending on the product.


Similar to Pentair, Hayward Pool Products felt it was necessary to make changes to their long standing product warranty program. Hayward has always offered a standard one year warranty on their pool products regardless of the installer. The new policy extends the warranty of the pool product to 2-3 years if the piece is properly installed by a pool professional. The hope is that a properly installed product will not have to send back and will work as it is intended.


Early in 2013, Zodiac Pool Systems made changes to their pool product warranty program. The warranty will now be extended on the pool product if installed by a pool professional. The new policy has received great positive feedback from the swimming pool industry. Check with a pool professional in your area to get all the details about the new Zodiac warranty program.   

The new warranty programs by the pool industry “Big 3” set forth new ground on the efficiency of the pool products. Having a pool product installed by a pool professional can save you money, time, and pain in the future. Plus, a properly installed pool product allows you the benefit of extended swimming pool fun.