Poolin’ Around For The Summer

Summer has officially started! The kids are out of school and perhaps already starting to get bored.

It would be nice for them to play outside, but it can get really hot outside all day. What better way to enjoy the long days of summer than in the swimming pool?

Swimming is a great way to enjoy the days of summer and stay active at the same time. 


Proper pool safety isn’t hard to follow, but paying attention to the simple steps can save lives.

Keeping kids safe around the pool needs to be a major priority for all pool owners. There are a few steps that that can make this task easier and therefore safer for all involved. Make sure that the swimmers know the rules and get them to recite the rules back to you to make sure they understand. Always have adult supervision around when kids are swimming. Even a great swimmer might need help at some point. Here are some rules that need to be followed in order to practice proper pool safety:

  • No running around the pool: The deck can become slippery when wet and can hurt when fallen upon.

  • No diving in shallow areas or off the sides: Diving accidents can often be the most severe and life threating.

  • Secure all gates with locks: This will allow you to always know who is around and in the swimming pool at all times.

  • Remove the pool cover completely: This eliminates the chance someone will be trapped under the pool cover.

  • Keep a telephone near you at all times: This will allow you to call 911, if necessary.

  • Learn CPR: This step is vital in your ability to save a life, if necessary.  

Sun Safety

Everyone likes to have the bronzed colored skin that the sun provides. It makes you fill rejuvenated and healthy, but too much of the sun can have the reverse effect.

Check out this table that better explains the effects of the Ultraviolet light from the sun. 

UV Suggestion Sunburn Time
0-2 Minimal protection is needed – Wearing a hat is sufficient More than 1 hour
3-4 Low – Hat and sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is recommended About 45-60 minutes
5-6 Moderate – Wearing a hat, applying sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and taking shade whenever possible is recommended About 30-45 minutes
7-9 HIGH – In addition to the precautions recommended above, it is advised to stay indoors between 10am and 4pm About 20 minutes
10+ VERY HIGH – In addition to the precautions recommended above, it is advised to stay indoors if possible Less than 15 minutes

Proper precautions from sun exposure will extend your swimming time and fun in the summer sun. 


From the classics like Marco Polo to the new favorites Noodle Joust, pool games have always been a great way to spend time in and around the swimming pool during the summer. Pool games can range from fun for all ages to ones that are designed with older kids in mind. Here are a few that may help your kids enjoy their fun in the pool.

Noodle Joust

This game is great for advanced swimmers who are a little bit older. This game involves 2 rafts, 2 pool noodles and 2 players. Select 2 players to sit on a blowup raft in the middle of the pool.  Give each one a pool noodle and have them swim toward each other. The object of the game is to joust with the noodles and try and get each other off the raft.  The winner takes on the next player.

Splash Dance

This game doesn’t involve any “extras”, but still can be loads of fun for children of all ages.  Have individuals or teams choreograph water dances to their favorite pop songs. Invite a “special guest panel” of friends and family to watch the performances.  If the kids would like to compete, make up different performance categories. This makes sure that each child or team can win.

Crocodile Hunter

This games is extremely fun for multiple players. The Crocodile Hunter game involves multiple hula hoops and inflatable animals, preferably crocodiles. This is also the time to test out a good Australian accent. Let the inflatable crocodiles adrift in the pool and line up kids in the shallow end. Let each player take a timed turn trying to capture the croc by "ringing" its head or tail. Once someone snares the crocodile, he or she should climb onto its back and race to land. Whoever completes the stunt in the least amount of time, wins. 

The games may have changed but nothing beats playing in the pool during the summer. 


While playing in and around the swimming pool, you are bound to get hungry. Rather than going in and out of your house and heating the home, try grilling outside and icing down drinks in a portable cooler. It is amazing all the things that you can put on the grill that you never thought you could. We all know about grilling chicken and steaks. What about dessert?

Grilled Pizza

Grilling a pizza is a quick way to satisfy a swimmers appetite without making it a big production. All you need is pizza dough, pizza sauce, olive oil spray, cheese and any toppings that you desire. Roll dough out to look like a normal pizza. It’s ok if it’s not perfect (It’s homemade). Spray some of the olive oil spray on the preheated grill, and place the dough on the grill. After flipping the dough, put on the sauce, cheese and toppings. Close the grill lid to allow the cheese to melt and toppings to cook. There you go! A quick and easy grilled pizza.  

BBQ Ranch Bacon Cheeseburgers

This burger doesn’t just sound delicious, it is out of this world delicious! Unlike the grilled pizza, this one involves a lot of ingredients and preparation. Ingredients include ground beef (or turkey for the health conscious), 1 packet of ranch dressing mix, BBQ sauce, pre-cooked bacon, cheese, buns, and French fried onions.

Mix the meat with the ranch dressing mix packet and mold into hamburger patties. Preheat the grill and place the patties onto the grill.  Cook the burgers to your desired doneness. Place 2 strips of bacon and the cheese on the burger, and close the grill lid. This allows the cheese to melt. Spread the BBQ sauce on the bun and place the burger on top. Top with the French fried onions and enjoy. 

Barbecued Bananas

I know what you are thinking, “Grilling bananas, are you out of your mind?” This recipe is absolutely delicious. It is also very simple. Halve 4 bananas lengthwise. Sprinkle the bananas with lemon juice. Then, roll the bananas in a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. Lightly spray the preheated grill, on low heat, with nonstick spray.  Grill the bananas for 3 minutes on each side. Make sure that the sugar is cooking and not burning. This is great by themselves or served over a bowl of ice cream.

You can grill a whole meal without ever leaving the swimming pool area and taking your eyes off the swimmers.

After the long and cold winter, it is finally summer. The swimming pool is the perfect place to spend time and cool off. Remember that with proper pool safety, there is no reason to not be “Poolin’ Around” all summer long.