The Regional Effect on Swimming Pool Finishes

You’ve decided to get an inground pool, but you are unsure of what pool finish to go with. There are so many pool finish options today and one of the definite factors in your choice should be the region in which you are located. We will quickly explore some of the options below and make a few suggestions based on the environmental factors which could affect your pool’s finish.

Pool Plaster

Pool plaster, white or tinted, is a common choice in a pool finish, but is also most susceptible to the environment because it provides a softer finish compared to the alternatives. If plaster is the finish you desire, consider adding an additive to the mix to make it not only stronger, but to give it a unique look. There are several types of additives that you can choose – from a small blend of crushed quartz such as QuartzScapes to aggregates for the look of pebbles with StoneScapes. For pools in warmer regions, this is a great choice. Not only will this additive be more durable to the environmental factors from having to add more chemicals because of evaporation, but it is also a great way to complement your home’s exterior décor.

Swimming Pool Tile

Pool tile is a great choice in pool finish because of its durability. Not only is it easy to maintain because the slick surface is resistant to dirt and debris, but it is highly resistant to harsh weather and excessive chemicals. Tile is a great choice for pools in warmer and tropical climates because of its resistance to crack and fade from the sun. National Pool Tile offers a variety of tiles in different sizes, styles and patterns.

Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl pool liners are a great choice in harsh environments that have heavy or prolonged deep freezes. Because the panels that support vinyl liners can flex, they work well in freeze/thaw conditions. The good news is that vinyl liners now come in a great variety of patterns and can even be customized or integrated with pool tile to give your pool the look of a gunite pool.

Whichever pool finish you choose, one of the most important factors to ensure and lengthen the life of your finish is proper chemistry and maintenance.