Simple Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

Even though Fall is just around the corner, not everyone is rushing to pull out their sweaters and boots just yet! In many parts of the world, swimming pools are still being used – even as the leaves begin to change color. There are still many warm days left, and if you have a pool heater, you may be able to use your pool year round. However, the way you care for your pool may change with the change of the seasons from summer to fall. Here are a few tips for you to remember:

  • Because your pool needed more chemicals during the summer due to evaporation, use and swimmer load, you will be able to use less as the temperature lowers. You should only have to check your pool chemistry once a week during the fall season.

  • When the season changes to fall, the leaves begin to fall also, and more than likely into your pool. Be sure to skim your pool regularly to remove leaves and other debris. Sometimes leaves can stain if they remain on the bottom of the pool for too long.

  • Remember that because of reduced use, you can also reduce the use of your pump and filter. In most areas, you should probably only have to run them 4-8 hours a day.

Once your pool is too cool for swimming, be sure that you have it closed properly. A homeowner can choose to do this, but is best done by a pool professional to protect your investment. That way, you can ensure that everything will be ready when the pool is ready to be opened again in the spring! If you have any questions regarding your pool operation or proper chemistry, contact your local pool professional.