Swimming Pool: Battle of the Hues

Swimming Pool: Battle of the Hues

Your pool design should directly reflect your personal style and home architecture. This can be achieved through shape, size, features, and color of the pool. Selecting the perfect hue may be difficult when you have endless options, so let us help you narrow it down!

Warm tones create an inviting environment while highlighting lighter areas such as a beach entry. Design a refreshing, clean environment with cool hues or create a dramatic look with darker tones. Ultimately, your swimming pool water will be uniquely yours with each color varying depending on location, time of day, and pool detailing. 

Blue, aqua, green, black – which hue will be victorious? View the gallery, then vote for your favorite by commenting below.

StoneScapes White Mini Atlantic and Artic


Pool Finish: StoneScapes White Mini Atlantic and Artic
Coping: Cantilever

StoneScapes Aqua White and Puerto Rico Blend

Light Blue

Pool Finish: StoneScapes Aqua White and Puerto Rico Blend
Tile: Oceanscapes Doheny

StoneScapes Caribbean Blue

Medium Blue

Pool Finish: StoneScapes Caribbean Blue
Tile: Verona Tondela Blue

StoneScapes Tropics Blue Touch of Glass

Medium Blue

Pool Finish: StoneScapes Tropics Blue Touch of Glass, Sand Touch of Glass shelf, and JewelScapes Citrine spa
Tile: Aztec Peacock

StoneScapes Sand


Pool Finish: StoneScapes Sand
Tile: Catania Sand

StoneScapes White


Pool Finish: StoneScapes White
Tile: Arctic Ocean Blue

StoneScapes Black


Pool Finish: StoneScapes Black
Tile: Aztec Cobalt

StoneScapes Mini Irish Mist


Pool Finish: StoneScapes Mini Irish Mist
Coping: Limestone

StoneScapes Midnight Blue

Dark Blue

Pool Finish: StoneScapes Midnight Blue
Tile: Silvertone Blue

Black Touch of Glass with Cobalt Blue Glass


Pool Finish: Black Touch of Glass with Cobalt Blue Glass
Coping: Natural Stone

StoneScapes Black Touch of Glass


Pool Finish: StoneScapes Black Touch of Glass
Tile: Jet Black Porcelain

JewelScapes Custom Color


Pool Finish: JewelScapes Custom Color
Tile: Arctic Black