Swimming Pool Halloween Costumes

So, Halloween is this week and you want to be the LIFE of the party – but you still don’t have a costume! Well, don’t fret! We have a few ideas to get you started…and how could we be SwimmingPool.com and NOT suggest swimming/pool related costumes? Open your mind and take a look!

Michael Phelps

So, OK, I know we can’t all have the amazing back muscles that Michael has, but you can attempt a look alike costume! Gather a blue swim cap, a gazillion medals to hang around your neck (check your local party supply store!), and practice that really intense look on your face. You can also add a Speedo endorsement check for fun! (Photo Couresty of wifehatmomhat.com)


OK, so this one can be easy! Make a large sign with the letters “Cl” on it (you know, the symbol for the element!). You can also try to perfect the green hair and bloodshot eyes!

Synchronized Swimmer

This one can be easy! Find a friend, or a few, and put on a flowery swim cap and suit. Travel in groups and “swim” to cheesy music!

Shark Bait

This costume also works well for more than one person. Have a shark follow you, and you can choose to be the bait or the REALLLLLY fast swimmer (blood and guts optional!). (Photo Couresty of www.gifts.com)

Ridiculously Overprotected Lap Swimmer

OK, we’ve all seen them. They are those folks that opt for EVERY safety and comfort device known to the swimming world as they perform laps – the snorkel, mask, swim fins, kickboard, etc.

The Pool Guy

This costume can have a range of possibilities, so just use your imagination. And whatever you decide for the clothing, be sure to add the necessities – a pool testing kit, skimmer pole, etc.

Ryan Lochte

JEAH!!! Other than Michael Phelps, the next most parodied swimmer has to be Lochte. In addition to the Speedo and USA swim cap, be sure to add the Jeah! Sunglasses, and even the teeth bling.

Need more inspiration? Visit our Swimming Halloween Costumes board on Pinterest and add your own! http://www.pinterest.com/swimmingpoolcom/swimming-halloween-costumes/pins/