Teen Tips (Pool Edition) - Infographic

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As a teen, you have probably been in pools a couple thousand times in your life, so here are some tips to help you make the experience a little less mundane and add new activities to the mix – other than simply swimming or sunbathing of course. 

  1. If you’re stressed… After a full day of school, peers, and teachers, use your pool as a water oasis where you can restore energy and release all your stress.
  2. Show off your sporty side! We all know there are many different water sports (like water polo) but sometimes it’s fun just to enjoy a game or sport of your own invention.
  3. Host a Splash Party. Use your backyard pool as a party attraction and host a pool party.
  4. Dreaming of being an Olympic swimmer? Take it to the next level and uses your pool to swim laps, practice your form, and clock your time speed.
  5. Enjoy the outdoors. Put down your mobile devices and just go outside to simply relax by the pool with no pressure to swim or even get in the water at all.
  6. Bring out your inner child! Play the pool games you played as a kid. Just forget your age and have a good time for the sake of having fun.
  7. Pool Pong – Get a group of people together, divide them into two teams, then have them take turns throwing ping pong balls into a floating container that holds 10 plastic cups.
  8. Relish an Intimate Setting. Take the opportunity to unwind in a simple, relaxing setting with your favorite guy or gal.