Throw a Labor Day Bash that Guests Will Remember Through Memorial Day!

It’s official…The Labor Day weekend is upon us! For most, Labor Day weekend signals thoughts of sadness, as it’s heralded as the “last official weekend of summer.” For others, Labor Day weekend is a time to celebrate the arrival of cooler temperatures and football! However you choose to spend the weekend, has great recipes party ideas and even free invites to celebrate!

If you decide to throw the Ultimate Labor Day party in your backyard, you have to invite your guests, choose a theme, and create a menu that will keep them talking for years to come. 

The difference between a typical pool party and a memorable Labor Day celebration might be the theme of your party. There are thousands of themes that can be chosen, and you are only limited by your imagination. A Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular pool party themes, making decorations easy and affordable. Take your guests on an evening getaway to Paradise! Guests can wear their most colorful Hawaiian print shirts. Making or buying leis as a party favor to welcome your guests is a great touch. Not in a tropical mood? Then check out all of the other theme ideas at! Remember - the party’s theme might be what keeps the guests talking about your amazing party all the way through Memorial Day!

Your party’s theme can influence other details as well - one of the biggest factors it influences is your food and beverage choices. Most parties stick strictly with appetizers or tapas for the menu. One of the best recipes for a Labor Day pool party is for Grilled Jalapeno Poppers. Making little burger sliders, any type of burger you would usually make, is always a great and trendy option. Chipotle Cheeseburgers or Chinatown Pork Burgers are alternatives that could make your menu really pop. Barbequing bananas rolled in cinnamon and sugar is a great dessert choice for the guests with a little bit of a sweet tooth. Depending on the age of your party guest, alcoholic beverages are a refreshing selection to your party menu.  Calypso Coolers, Poolside Margaritas, and a Caribbean Seabreeze very refreshing drinks that will keep your guests cool during the dog days of summer. Decide against a theme? Then check out our large collection of recipes found at and choose your favorites to prepare!

Don’t forget to think about the comfort and safety of your guests. Due to the extreme heat, provide plenty of umbrellas are a must for guests who prefer to relax in the shade. One idea is placing spray bottles of water in ice buckets for your guests to spray on and keep cool also provide some sunscreen for guests as it's all too easy to get burned while sunbathing without realizing it. Remember to use plastic cups for drinks as broken glass is not what you want to have to deal with during a party. Strategically place your pool furniture around the edge of the pool with tables in between where guests can put their food and drink. Choose appropriate music for your age group of guests and make sure someone is responsible for keeping it playing. As dusk approaches candles come be useful as the sun sets and look very pretty floating in the pool at night. Citronella candles on tables are useful for keeping the bugs at bay and you might like to have some bug spray to hand as well. The little touches can be the difference from a bland party and an amazing end of the summer celebration. Don’t forget, this may be the last opportunity to hang out poolside for months, so have a blast!