From "Toe in the Water" to "CANNONBALL!!!"

Pool experts - they come in all forms - from the local pool guy with over 40 years of experience servicing backyard pools to the occasional homeowner that spends less than 10 minutes a week maintaining their own pool. I claim to be neither - I am a writer that specializes in internet content and social media. My background stems from 15 years working in the television and sports industries. So when I came to work for over a year ago - needless to say, I was a bit intimidated. In all my life, I've never even owned a pool taller than 36 inches high, so words like "Bromine", "Variable Speed Pumps" and "Gunite" left me a bit clueless. However, not only was I relieved to learn that I was surrounded by the best experts in the trade, but I am also lucky to be a part of this exciting industry. I mean, Swimming Pools are FUN!  I am also happy to say that 15 months later, the most important thing that I have learned about backyard swimming pools is that you don't have to be an expert. Pool maintenance is EASY. And if you don’t have time to do it, finding a local pool professional that can maintain your pool is simple.

It’s easy to just “stick your toe in the water” when you are unsure of a new endeavor. If you are thinking about getting a pool, now is the time! At, we have all the tools, tips and ideas to get you started. Once you get that pool, we have even more ideas to make your backyard oasis the most amazing experience possible. As a working mom, wife, exercise enthusiast, bargain hunter and amateur home decorator, I am always looking for ideas and tips to make my life easier (and more fun!). So let’s “cannonball” into this adventure together to share ideas about everything swimming pool! (And you know that the cannonball was your favorite part about pools as a kid!).