Replacing Cracked Skimmer Lids/Cover

Replacing Cracked Skimmer Lids/Cover

Pool Skimmer

Replacing Cracked Skimmer Lids/Cover

Your pool skimmer cover is used as a safety and maintenance feature. It is meant to prevent debris, other items, pets and people from falling into the skimmer well. It also provides a point of access to the skimmer for your swimming pool. Sometimes your skimmer lid will get cracked or broken over time and will require replacement. Once your contact your local pool professional to obtain the correct size for your pool, you will need to replace it.

  • For safety, the first step in replacing your skimmer lid is to turn off the power to your pool pump. You never want to maintain any part of the skimmer while the pool pump is on.

  • Your skimmer lid will usually be held in by two screws. Locate these screws and remove them.

  • After removing the lid, be sure that you have purchased the correct replacement size by verifying the make and model on the broken lid.

  • When you have verified that the new lid is the correct size, simply place the new lid on top of the skimmer well and secure the screws.

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