There's More to It Than Planting Flowers

Landscaping is about more than just planting a few flowers and bushes around your pool. It's about planning and creating a pool environment that’s easy to get to — and hard to leave. Your first step is to get inspired. It can be a movie, a native flower or a planter you just couldn’t resist. You can also find inspiration from different gardening styles. Just find ideas you love and build from there.

Next, design your deck and plan your walkways. After the pool itself, your deck is the foundation for your landscape design. Walkways are important, too — you want to make access to your pool area easy so your plants don’t get trampled.

Now it’s time to start planting! You’ll want to choose plants that will flourish in your geographic area, so check with your local nurseries before you buy. You can also enlist the help of a professional landscape designer. Either way, it helps to know the lingo and the common pitfalls to avoid.

A great way to accent those plants is with edging. This keeps plants and grass from overflowing onto paths and driveways. This can be done with a variety of materials from concrete to plastic.

Plants around Pool Ideas

You may also need to add mulch or topsoil to your backyard pool area. Not sure how much you need? Check out our mulch/topsoil calculator to figure out the exact amount.

An irrigation system can help keep your pool area looking its best. You want to balance water conservation while providing enough water for your area to flourish. There are different irrigation systems available depending on your needs.

With the right information, inspired ideas and, perhaps, a fabulous landscape designer, you’re on your way to creating a lush and beautiful environment that adds depth and color to your back yard — and more enjoyment to your pool. Love your view as much as you love your pool! For even more inspired landscaping tips and backyard ideas, visit