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With industry-leading technology matched by beautiful designs, Wilbar is sure to provide the right pool for your yard. They boast a variety of top-brand aboveground and semi-inground pools, built using solid steel, space-age resin or enduring aluminum to meet every family’s summertime needs.

From quality pools to sturdy decks and elegant fences, Wilbar has everything you need to create the perfect backyard paradise! For more info, visit

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Optimum Pool

Lifetime TV’s Designing Spaces teams up with for a backyard makeover. Wilbar’s Optimum Pool comes to the rescue for a Texas couple. This innovative and affordable outdoor pool can be designed to fit any terrain, even sloping yards like Paul and Melina Austin’s in Azle, TX.

Paul and Melina are a hard-working couple who just bought a new home. They love their jobs, but they often travel, so they want a place to relax during their precious time off. The Austins decided a swimming pool would be the perfect addition to their wide-open 1 acre back yard. The only problem is the 3 ft slope in their yard makes it a challenge to install an above ground pool.

That was before they discovered the Optimum. This semi-inground Optimum pool is the perfect solution to their sloping problems. The pool can be built above ground, completely inground, or a mix of both. For Paul and Melina, the semi-inground installation provides the comfort and accessibility of a traditional inground pool, while being more affordable like an above ground pool.

In just a few hours, builders install their new Optimum pool by leveling the foundation, connecting the highest quality aluminum wall panels, and installing the liner. Paul and Melina’s dream of having a pool comes true and they take their first big step to creating a backyard oasis.

Take a look as John Holden of Designing Spaces and Rich Ruzza of show us how and why the Optimum Pool can be the foundation of an outstanding backyard for any home.

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