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Above Ground Pool Features

There are so many things that you can add to your above ground swimming pool to customize it for your lifestyle. These features can make your swimming pool the perfect place for relaxing, throwing the ultimate pool party, and a great place to exercise.

Here are some suggestions to customize and build your perfect backyard paradise:

Fountains and Waterfalls

Add an exciting and fun fountain to your above ground swimming pool. Pool fountains are easy to install and provide beautiful focal point for your swimming pool. Swimmers will also love to play in the fountain's spray. Not only do they create an amazing visual effect, but they also add to relaxation with the sound of falling water.

Above Ground Pool Water Fountain


Did you know that pool lighting was not just for inground swimming pools? There is an assortment of above ground pool lights and floating pool lights available for above ground swimming pools. With the availability of both underwater and floating pool lights, you will find the right one to create the ambiance you desire for your evening swimming. Easy to install and inexpensive to operate, above ground pool lights shine enough light with a single 50 watt bulb to illuminate the entire pool. Floating solar pool lights charge from sunshine and can stay lit for up to 8 hours after being charged.

Pool Heaters

If you add a heater to your above ground pool, you can get more use out of your above ground pool by delaying that inevitable closing and opening the pool earlier in the spring. In colder climates, a heater can extend the pool season by a few months and in warmer parts of the US, using a heater can make it possible to keep your pool open at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Winter Covers

Winter covers for above ground pools are designed to keep water in and debris out, therefore cleaning your pool before spring opening is a breeze. In addition, different pool covers offer other benefits. For example, safety winter pool covers prevent small animals and children from falling into the pool. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of precipitation, mesh winter pool covers are also a great investment because they have small holes that allow water to pass through so it doesn’t build up on the cover. Remember – winter covers are not a safety cover unless that is how it was designed. For example, leaf catchers are inexpensive and effective for collecting debris but they do not have the safety features of safety above ground winter pool covers.

Cleaners and Controls

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

You will want to spend your free time enjoying your swimming pool area – not maintaining it. With automatic pool cleaners for above ground pools, pool cleaning can be taken care of quickly and conveniently. All you have to do is turn on your cleaning unit, place it in the pool and it will do the rest. Above ground automatic pool cleaners typically work off your pool's existing pump and filter so there's no need for extra, expensive booster pumps. Many automatic cleaning units are designed to clean above ground pools with uneven, dished or flat bottoms. Also, with their advanced steering capabilities and powerful suction, automatic above ground pool cleaners quickly and effectively vacuum up dirt, leaves, grass, bugs and other debris, leaving your pool spotlessly clean and looking great.

Automatic Timers

Using pool timers is a great way to enjoy convenience and savings. By automatically controlling when your pool equipment is running and when it is not, swimming pool timers eliminate the need for pool owners to remember when to turn their equipment on and off. Also, pool timers make it easy to leave equipment such as filters and pumps running only for as many hours as necessary so you can enjoy reduced energy consumption as well as less work. And, not surprisingly, by consuming less energy you will also reap the benefit of lower energy bills.

Filtration Systems

Three types of filtration systems are available for above ground pools. There is a broad selection of filter system sizes, which allow you to choose the above ground pool filter system that best suits your above ground pool. The most commonly used pool filters are sand, but the most effective on removing even the finest particles is D.E., which will truly deliver clearer pool water.

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