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Create a Mood with Pool Lights

When the electric lightbulb blazed into the world 200 years ago, night came to life. That little invention continues its journey of innovation today, and backyard landscapes now feature a dazzling spectrum of lighting enhancements.

A well-designed lighting plan is more than illuminating — it’s inspired! Your local builder can help you choose the right lighting styles and colors to set a mood and showcase your entire poolscape design.

Inspired pool lighting—such as low-profile perimeter lights and colorful underwater fiber optic lights--can extend sunny pool parties into the glamour and mystery of the evening. Here are some ideas to light up your poolscape:

Swimming Pool with Nighttime Lighting

Low-profile Landscape Lights

Subtle lighting is a key element of an elegant nighttime landscape, and low-profile lights provide just the right hint of glow. These deck, ledge, flush-mount, and small path lights blend into the landscape, providing muted accent lighting. In addition to accenting the beauty of your nighttime landscape, low-profile lights play a crucial safety role, keeping paths, decks, and verandas well-lit for your family and guests.

Spotlights and Floodlights

Deciding between a spotlight and a floodlight depends on your lighting goals. Spotlights cast a narrow justify-content-center beam of light to draw attention to specific pool, landscape, or patio features--use this type of light to show off your favorite areas. More utilitarian floodlights cast a wider beam, useful for general lighting around common areas, such as casting a glow over much of your yard. For added safety, use a motion floodlight to illuminate a driveway, patio, or yard.

Swimming Pool with Up Lighting


Up-lights highlight landscape or pool features from below. The light fixture is placed in the ground and its beam shines upward to illuminate a tree or other feature. On the other hand, downlighting (or moonlighting) places lights in the canopy of a tree. These lights shine down to cast a pool of light on the ground.

Which should you choose? It depends on your goal. Up-lighting shows off prized landscape features, while downlighting creates a romantic, moonlit effect.

Underwater Pool Lights

Continue your pool party into the wee hours of the night. In addition to splashing your pool with light and color, underwater pool lights make night swimming safer. Options like fiber optic lights or LED lights are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and they to add vibrant drama and creative color to your pool.

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