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Pool Finishes

Today's pool owners have many reliable and beautiful swimming pool finish options available to them. From the straightforward simplicity of standard white plaster to the rainbow of multi-colored pebble finishes, and a spectrum of options between, the choices can be exciting - and also somewhat intimidating without reliable information. Which finish you choose will depend on the look and feel that you want for your pool. With so many finish options offered by today's quality pool-finish specialists, it's understandable that savvy customers should want to explore the specific benefits and drawbacks inherent in the various surface products.

Inground Swimming Pool Pool Finish

To help guide you through the process of choosing the best finish for your home's pool or spa, we'll cover some of the relevant information you should keep in mind as you discuss your choices with your designer or pool surface contractor. We have also made recommendations below regarding the various options available. What is important to remember is that your pool finish is constantly submerged in water - meaning that it will be exposed to varying water chemistry conditions over time, especially if the pool is maintained improperly. This constant exposure to pool water, treated with a variety of powerful chemicals, creates a dynamic environment where mineral content of the surface and water are constantly interacting. This interaction between water and the surface is unavoidable and in many cases will cause the appearance of the surface to change, either slowly over time, or in some rare instances, far more rapidly.

Pool Tile

Swimming pool tile is made in a different process than the tile that you would use as flooring or roofing options. Pool tiles offer a customized look in an array of colors, designs, and textures. If pool tile is your choice in a pool finish for your design or remodel, you will be happy to know that in addition to a rainbow of color choices, you can expand your options even further with a pattern or design. The biggest advantages to pool tile are its durability and low maintenance. Aside from regular maintenance, this material is built to last with relatively little care. Mosaics are an option with swimming pool tile because of the materials versatility and durability. Some pool owners choose to enjoy mosaics with dolphins, turtles or tropical fish created with colored tiles to add aesthetic elements to the swimming pool. Pool tile allows the pool owner to customize their interior pool finish with very little maintenance and care.

Inground Swimming Pool Water Line Tile

Pool Liner

Vinyl swimming pool owners know that replacing the pool liner is part of ownership. Replacing the pool liner depends on the use of the swimming pool and how well it is maintained. Proper pool chemistry and maintenance can extend the life of your pool liner for many years. If you are considering a pool remodel, updating your liner is a great way to give your backyard a whole new look. Vinyl pool liners used to only come in a few different design and color options. Today, there is an extensive variety of colors and patterns for both inground and above ground pools. From the water line to the very bottom, liner designs can add texture, depth and personality to your pool.

Surface Finishes

From the days of the simplicity of standard white plaster to today with the array of multi-colored surface finishes, the choices can be exciting. With so many finish options offered, it is logical that pool owners should want to explore the specific benefits of each pool finish option.

Pool Finish Close Up

Aggregate Effects

Pool plaster has evolved over time to include aggregates and other stones to add customizable effects, colors and textures. The highly innovative addition to the palette of surface options has been the use of special colored ceramic aggregate products. These aggregates are a very specialized form of ceramic-coated sand that comes in a variety of pre-mixed plaster products. Aggregates also offer the look of a myriad of pebbles worked into a pool surface. Over the past decade, pebble surfaces have increased dramatically in popularity and come in a broad range of colors and color combinations. One of the most popular reasons for this relatively low maintenance type of pool finish is the slight texture that makes for a slip-proof surface. With aggregate pool finish, your pool will be completely unique: the patterns of texture and color, the specific hue of your chosen color. Aggregate pool finishes are unique because the color of the finish becomes richer over time. Aggregate pool finishes are noted for striking beauty and long-lasting durability. With proper water chemistry and maintenance and aggregate pool finish will stay beautiful, sturdy and last for decades.

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