Recreational Add-Ons

If you live to entertain, imagine your pool area as a natural gathering place for friends and family: picture yourself barbecuing in a complete outdoor kitchen while the family plays a game of water volleyball in a beautiful backyard pool. Envision resort-like features such as a swim up bar with underwater stools or a beach area where one can tan or small children can play. The fun is just beginning when you add a few products to your backyard paradise! Floaties — even giant pool noodles and inflatable islands — are just the beginning. Check with your local professional pool retailer and you’ll find a number of specially designed pool games that come equipped with balls, baskets, clubs, holes and nets. You’ll also find a variety of water exercise equipment options like kickboards, barbells and weight belts, as well as webbed hand and footwear for resistance. But if you really want to take the fun up a notch, consider including these features in your pool design:


A swimming pool waterslide integrated into the pool landscape gives you the feel of a water park in your backyard! With endless fun for children and adults, a water slide is the ultimate addition to any pool. Modern swimming pool slides come in a variety of sizes. Some provide a straight, quick drop into the swimming pool, while others offer a gentle curve to the left or right. There are even slides that are longer and spin into corkscrew turns. It's possible to build slides into other pool features such as rocks and landscaping. Whether a gentle, sloping slide into your refreshing water retreat, or a twisting slide through a rocky mountainside, entering your swimming pool will be an experience in itself. Any pool slide must drop into water deep enough to be safe for the swimmer. Many waterslides require professional installation to meet safety guidelines established by municipal building codes.

Diving Boards

Diving Boards can be added in a variety of styles to complement your pool area. Diving boards have changed quite a bit since the first all-wood spring board over 75 years ago. Today a variety of beautiful, natural colors and unique board shapes that blend into your poolscape are available. Plus, cutting-edge concepts like two-for-one combination diving board and jump platforms are also available.

Splash Pads

Splash Pads are an interactive water playground, add a unique and fun twist to any poolscape and double as a backyard water feature. All you need is a small patch of space and you’re well on your way to being the envy of all the neighborhood kids.