Water Features

Water Features

Water features have an amazing ability to transform an already amazing pool. They give your pool a focal point, create or enhance ambiance, and can be built to suit any style — tropical resort, romantic oasis, elegant escape, or family fun zone.

Talk to your local builder about how water features fit into your dream pool plan. Together, you’ll work closely to design a water feature, or combination of features, that will take your pool theme to the next level.


Waterfalls add a touch of breathtaking mystery and romance — especially when they’re hiding a grotto.

Amazing Waterfall Pools

Sheer Water Walls

Sheer water walls can give a sophisticated, modern edge to any poolscape.

Sheer Water Walls


Pool fountains give an elegant touch, whether they’re detached or splashing into your pool.

Pool Fountains

Jets and Bubblers

Deck jets and bubblers add a whimsical flair, making your pool even more fun.

Deck Jets & Bubblers

Spillovers Spas and Hot Tubs

Spillover spas connect your hot tub and pool with drama and excitement.

Add a water feature (or two or three) to your pool and, suddenly, it becomes something more. More elegant. More exotic. More romantic. More fun. More than just a pool.

Spillovers Spas and Hot Tubs