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10 Ways to Cozy Up Your Backyard for Autumn

Fall has arrived and it’s time to bring the indoors out with cozy features. Your backyard is a continuation of your home which showcases your style and personality. Why should that end with summer? Extend your time in the fresh air with outdoor seating areas that feel as cozy as your couch.

Destination Design

Traveling to Paris for decadent desserts ora wine tasting in Tuscany can cost you a pretty penny. Bring your extravagant destinations home through your backyard design.With the rounded arches, natural stone walls, and rich accent color, this backyard has transformed into a quaint home in the Italian countryside – for a fraction of the cost!

Focal Piece

Designate your backyard as an outdoor room. This area has transformed into a cozy courtyard with the addition of custom stone flooring, an area rug, and a large fireplace to draw you into this one-of-a-kind space. Add coordinating outdoor furniture, décor, and tall plants to accent your focal point.

Cozy Courtyard with Custom Stone Flooring

Small Space, Large Impact

Make the most out of your backyard by using existing shapes in your design. The endless curve of the fire pit creates a natural flow and allows for a seating area that makes everyone feel included. Add a few graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows for a tasty treat.

Fire Pit with Seating

Add Some Sizzle

Don’t neglect your deck! With beautiful views or a custom outdoor space, your deck is the perfect place to enjoy the autumn air. Add a free-standing hot tub to stay warm on those chilly nights or enjoy time with family and friends. This home completes their deck with a grill and seating area to utilize their unique space.

Hot Tub and Grill on Deck

Modern Marvel

Reflect your contemporary style with sleek lines and modern features in your backyard. A built-in fireplace permits you more space in your yard or patio while the details of this feature can match your design. Coordinate your furniture by choosing clean lines or contemporary materials such as chrome or black finishes.

Built-in Fireplace in Patio

Secluded Space

We all need a getaway from time to time. Create a secluded area that feels warm and cozy in your own backyard. Natural landscaping creates the perfect backdrop for this unique fireplace and stone flooring. Add a few wicker chairs and a matching end table that mimic the surrounding landscape to enjoy your peaceful retreat for hours.

Unique Fireplace with Wicker Chairs

Outdoor Living Room

A living room forms a gathering place in your home, so why not have the same outdoors? A pergola acts as a roof to create a defined space, just as your walls do indoors. With the addition of brick flooring, comfy furniture, and a warm fireplace, you’ll feel right at home.

Pergola over Patio Area

Enjoy the View

An exquisite view can often be the selling point on a home. Highlight your view by arranging your furniture and features accordingly. The curved outdoor sofa creates cozy seating around the fire pit. With the sofa facing outward, you have a 180 degree view right outside your door.

Curved Outdoor Sofa with Ocean View

No Limitations

When you have a large backyard, don’t limit yourself to just one area. Build multiple spaces within your design for functionality. This raised platform and brick wall creates an intimate feel - the perfect spot for a seating area. Design an outdoor kitchen with a grill, accessories, and a covered table to form an area that allows room to cook while others mingle.

Patio Seating near Outdoor Kitchen

Incorporate Greenery

Plants are a flexible, quick, and budget-friendly way to update your outdoor design each season. Adding vines to a pergola or fence softens the space while adding variety and interest. For a splash of color, consider potted plants that give you the flexibility to replace depending on the season or your color palette.

Vines on Pergola in Backyard Patio

Color, Color, Color

Your backyard is a continuation of your home – your outdoor design should be too. A coordinating color palette allows your design to flow both indoors and out with accent colors making each space unique. This rustic orange is complimented by pops of red, gold, and green with the furniture framework remaining a neutral tone. The warm tones and controlled layout of the space makes your guests feel right at home.

Coordinating Color Palette in Patio Space