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A New Generation of Pool Finishes

Pool finish image

Modern Pool Finishes

Gunite pools give you the most flexibility with the appearance of your pool.

Generally, pool plaster tends to erode over time. This causes the pool surface to cut, scrape, and scratch the skin. A pool plaster finish typically lasts between 5 and IO years. This figure is all based on proper water chemistry and maintenance. For pool owners that want or need to remodel their plaster, there are new types of pool finishes that offer new looks and extended life.

Aggregate swimming pool finishes have been growing in popularity over the last few decades.

Today, they have taken the top spot from pool plaster as the most desirable pool finish option. Aggregate pool finishes contain river pebbles, stones, ceramic-coated crystals, or glass, which are combined with Portland cement-based pigmented plaster and applied pneumatically. Most pool owners have chosen to go with an aggregate pool finish because of its durability and visual appeal. Companies such as NPT® offer a wide array of pool finishes with different aggregates.

The recent trend toward an aggregate pool finish over pool plaster will add life to any swimming pool. Exposed aggregate pool finishes incorporate stones, pebbles, and/or glass beads into the pool plaster to add resilience and aesthetic qualities. Because of this, aggregate finishes are more resistant to pool chemical imbalances than other finishes and last much longer.

Exposed aggregate pool finishes have been shown to have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

Featured Tile: JewelScapes® Marina Blue


NPT's JewelScapes® captures the sparkle and brilliance of the world's finest gems in a stunning, durable interior pool finish.

Available in array of colors, JewelScapes® combines the beauty of smooth, colorful glass beads with the highest quality pigments and aggregates for a finish that's beyond compare.

Featured Tile: PolishedScapes® Cascade


Mirrored highlights that sparkle in the sun make NPT's PolishedScapes® as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch.

This beautiful selection of colors showcases a stunningly smooth mix of marble and glass aggregates polished to perfection using diamond abrasives.

Featured Tile: StoneScapes® Tropics Blue


For a more rustic feel, give your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebble-bottomed stream with a StoneScapes® pool finish.

An inviting selection of colors and textures allow pool owners to express their unique style. StoneScapes® combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any inground pool or spa.

Featured Tile: QuartzScapes® Tahoe Blue


A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and mineral-based pigments, QuartzScapes® merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool finish.

Natural and colored quartz is ten times harder than marble. A quartz pool finish will typically last between 7 and I 2 years.