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Navigating Pool Care Before, During & After a Freeze

Navigating Pool Care Before, During & After a Freeze

Is a major cold front moving your way, bringing with it freezing temperatures and challenging conditions? This is a call for all pool owners to prepare and take a few simple steps to protect your pool. We're here with essential tips for these chilly times. Remember, safety first and stay informed!

Prep Your Pool for Freezing Temps

As the freezing air sends temperatures plummeting, it's crucial to get your pool ready for the big freeze. Here's what you should do:

  • Keep Your Pool Pump Running: Continuous operation is key in cold weather.
  • Forget the Heater: Moving water is unlikely to freeze, so your heater can take a break.
  • Disconnect Unnecessary Equipment: Lines to slides and aerators should be disconnected.
  • Pool Cleaners: Simply remove them from the pool; there's no need to run them continuously.

Power Outage Pool Tips

If you find yourself without power during the freeze, don't worry. Here's a quick checklist to safeguard your pool:

  • Turn off the timer or equipment at the breaker.
  • Set the multiport valve to backwash and remove the plug.
  • Open the air relief valve on the filter.
  • Remove plugs/lids from pool equipment and store them safely.

Bounce Back After the Freeze!

Once the freeze is over, it's time to get your pool back to its best:

  • Replace all plugs/lids and ensure water is in the system.
  • Utilize a submersible pump or robotic cleaner to circulate water.
  • If you still lack power, manually brush walls, floors, steps, and ledges, and skim the surface. However, leave any ice undisturbed to maintain water levels.
  • Ensure the water level remains above the skimmer for effective circulation when power returns.

Restoring Pool's Water Chemistry Post-Freeze

After the icy grip of freezing weather loosens, it's time to focus on your pool's chemistry:

  • Use stabilized chlorine tablets with a floating chlorinator. This will prevent algae growth and keep your pool clear.
  • Bring a sample to your local pool retailer for a free test. Be sure not to overdo chemicals without circulation!
  • Check all caps and seals for any freeze-induced leaks.

Remember, whether you're prepping for a cold snap or recovering after one, diligent care and a bit of know-how will keep your pool in perfect condition all year round. Stay safe and enjoy your swim!