20 of the Most Amazing Pool Floats We’ve Ever Seen

We rounded up a list of the best pool floats ever, from pool floats for adults and kids' pool floats, to pool floats for dog and pool party floats.

Best All-Around Pool Float - Giant Rainbow Pool Float

Giant Rainbow Pool Float

This Giant Rainbow Pool Float is our pick for top pool float because of its colorful, happy vibe, expansive seating and functionality (hello cupholders)!

Honorable Mentions

Bacon, Donut, and Unicorn Pool Floats
  1. Bacon Pool Float – If you think everything is better with bacon, then this crispy float will have you sizzling with excitement.
  2. Donut Float – A cheery floating sprinkled donut is hard to resist and is sure to bring a sweet smile to all guests.
  3. Giant Sparkling Unicorn Float - Lounge in luxury aboard this rainbow-haired unicorn float while you sip on a Unicorn Mocktail – link to summer drinks article.

Best Inflatable Pool Game – Shark Fin Ring Toss

Shark Ring Toss

Test out your eye-hand coordination with this shark ring toss game. Upgrade your traditional Sharks and Minnows game with a fun inflatable game the whole family can enjoy.

Honorable Mentions:

Basketball, Log Flume jousting, and Tic Tac Toe Pool Floats
  1. Shootball – This fun basketball-inspired stand-by is sure to provoke plenty of dunks.
  2. Log Flume Jousting – For a true test of aquatic skill, attempt to balance on this wobbly floating log while jousting your rival.
  3. Inflatable Tic Tac Toe – Oversized inflatable Xs and Os make this a fun pool game for all ages.

Best Pool Party Float - Flamingo Pool with Cup Holders

Flamingo Float

Delight guests with this giant flamingo pool float. This pool float is large enough to fit two adults and the best part? It comes with two cup holders! Enhance your tropical beach party, bachelorette pool party, retro pool party or other fun event with this amazing flamingo float.

Honorable Mentions

Ballons,Golf Cart, and Otter Drink Holder Floats
  1. Balloons – Balloons are the ultimate party décor items. This pool float is designed to look like a handful of balloons – perfect for your next party!
  2. Golf Cart – Impress friends with this 2-seater inflatable golf cart featuring a removable canopy!
  3. Otter Drink Holders – Keep your beverage close by with these adorable inflatable otter drink holders.

Best Dog Pool Float – Convertible Dog Float

Convertible Dog Float

Give your four-legged family members the star treatment with their very own convertible pool float. The best part about this product? You can get a human-size one to match with your best friend.

Honorable Mentions

Dog Life Jacket, Christine Pup Pool Mat, Yacht Dog Float
  1. Dog Life Jacket – Until your pup is comfortable swimming, or if you want a little more protection while your four-legged friend is in the water, use this doggy life jacket. Your dog will feel like a powerful aquatic beast with the shark fin accent.
  2. Christine Pup Pool Mat – This funky pool float is shaped like a dog treat to encourage your pup to take the plunge!
  3. Yacht Dog Float – Show your dogs how much they mean to you by providing them with their very own luxury yacht pool float.

Best Kids Pool Float – Floating Pirate Castle

Floating Pirate Castle

This incredible pirate’s castle pool float is an inflatable play house for kids. Let swashbuckling youngsters use their imaginations to sail the seven seas, collecting treasure around the world.

Honorable Mentions

Floating Butterfly Boat, Hobby Horse Rocker, Galactic Fighter Squirter Floats
  1. Floating Butterfly Boat – Babies will be enchanted by this butterfly float while parents will appreciate its UPF 50 rated sunshade.
  2. Hobby Horse Rocker – This beautiful hobby horse rocker pool float is inspired by the antique children’s toy of the same name. Kids will love galloping around the pool on this awesome float.
  3. Galactic Fighter Squirter – Make your child’s intergalactic travel dreams come true with the star fighter pool float featuring real squirt guns! Keep cool and have fun with this amazing pool float.

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