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Copper Scuppers: The Living Water Feature

Copper scuppers are popular water features that provide a relaxing flow of water into the pool. The stream of water from scuppers delivers both visual appeal and functional benefits. In addition to the sight and sound of the running water, scuppers help circulate the water in your pool, keeping it fresh.

What is a scupper?

The term “scupper” refers to the openings on a boat that allow water to flow off the deck. “Scupper” can also refer to a device that drains water from a roof or raised area. In a pool, a scupper moves water from one section of the pool to another. Scuppers differ from waterfall features in that they are designed to be seen. Instead of being inset, they are made to have a noticeable presence in your pool architecture.

High-Quality Scuppers

One of the best scupper brands is CMP, which has multiple high-quality scupper lines. Their copper scuppers are made of heavy gauge copper and all their seams are fully welded and polished.

Copper Scupper in a Swimming Pool

What Makes a Scupper Unique?

  • There are a number of popular designs including Radius, Cannon, Wedge, Smooth Flow and more.
  • Smooth Flow style is multi-chambered with angled baffles that create glass-like sheets of water.
  • Natural Flow style produces a bubbling, lively stream of water.
  • Copper, a “living material” that patinas naturally, creates a unique finish on every installation.

What is Patina?

Copper is a “living material.” As soon as a copper scupper is made, the material begins to patina. Patina is a natural process of oxidation where copper reacts to the elements. It produces a series of colors that build up in order to protect the copper.

Over time the material will develop earth tone hues. No two scuppers are alike! Colors can range from light and dark brown to blue-green and gray. This process produces a beautiful and natural finish that enhances the look of the copper water feature. This is why copper scuppers are sometimes referred to as "living water features".

Copper Patina with a Swimming Pool

Scuppers are shipped in their natural copper state. Depending on where they are stored or transported, patina may begin to develop. It is very likely the color may have changed by the time you receive the product and will continue to patina after installation. Copper can be cleaned after installation to reset the patina process.

When it comes to water features in general, CMP makes some of the best waterfalls, bubblers, and LED lighting as well. If you are looking to add excitement and sophistication to your pool, CMP’s suite of water, light and fire products are great options.