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Enjoy a Patriotic Family Staycation in Your Own Backyard!

Fourth of July Family Staycation

When a patriotic holiday rolls around, families flock to the beach, lounging in the sun, playing games, cooking out and making memories with friends and family. But what if we told you that you could have a memorable weekend escape from the comfort of your own home?

Whether you are celebrating Fourth of July or need ideas for Memorial Day Weekend, we have plenty of patriotic staycation ideas for families that you will all love. We’ll cover the kid friendly decorations, menu, music and activities that will make your backyard staycation one the whole family will remember.

Poolside Staycation with Family & Friends

Patriotic Décor Ideas

All celebrations call for decorations, and patriotic staycations are no exception! The more creative you can be, the more likely you will feel like you are on a vacation somewhere new. Express your creativity and show your support for the USA with these patriotic backyard staycation decoration ideas.

Star-Spangled Lawn

Consider using things you already own and repurposing them in inventive ways. Remember that extra can of white spray paint that has been sitting in your garage for the past few years? Put it to use with this outdoor activity idea:

Draw a star on a piece of cardboard, cut the center out, grab your paint color and spray over the stencil onto your lawn. It’ll create an eye-catching star-spangled lawn and creates a fun hopping game for the kids.

Red, White & Blue Garland

How crafty are the kids feeling? Get them involved with the decorating by handing them some construction paper and glue to make paper garlands. You can stick to a traditional color scheme of just red or blue paper or let them express their patriotism on white strips!

When it comes time to hang up their masterpiece, let them decide where to place it. It is a good way to make them feel involved and to use their imagination.

Patriotic Pool Lights

What goes better with green grass, blue skies and a patriotic holiday than a backyard pool? Transform your aquatic playground with some patriotic pool lights. Buy a pack of red, white and blue balloons, place a glowstick inside each then blow them up.

Toss the balloon-lamps in the pool and wait until nighttime to see these beautiful orbs glow like a patriotic firework show. This cute addition makes swimming as the sun goes down even more fun!

Flag Display

To top off your decorations, add as many American flags as you can! Whether it is a pack of minis that you can stick in a candy jar, hand-held flags for your picnic table or a giant one to hang on your fence, reflect the importance of the day by showcasing the American flag wherever you can.

Backyard Patriotic Family Staycation Decor

Staycation Menu

One of the best parts of staycationing in your own backyard is full access to all your kitchen amenities. For example, your refrigerator, freezer and food prep counter space. You can get creative with your food offerings when you have these options, so have fun with your menu! Here are some backyard staycation food ideas to get you started:


To begin your day, opt for a fun picnic in the sun! Lay out a comfy blanket or set up a picnic table and gather the family around. You can spice it up with touches of red, white, blue or buy a patriotic tablecloth to bring an extra touch of energy to this fun picnic.

Patriotic brunch ideas include vanilla parfaits made with strawberries and blueberries, caprese salad, patriotic deviled eggs (divide yolk filling into two bowls, adding red food coloring to one and blue to the other) and bagels with sundried tomato cream cheese.


Put the grill master of the house to the test for their take on savory hamburgers and hot dogs. Though these are the classic food choices, don’t be afraid to venture out and try something new like these tailgating recipes.

Hamburger Hot Dog with Small USA Flag, Backyard Family Staycations


While the grill master is cooking, prep the drinks of your choice. If you’re looking for a classic drink, consider making a homemade lemonade with strawberries and blueberries mixed in. Or if you are looking for a more vibrant beverage consider trying this Star-Spangled Punch:

  1. 2-liter bottle of lemon-lime soda
  2. 1-gallon fruit punch
  3. Red candy straw to drink from


Prep a selection of frozen popsicles the night before to enjoy while on your picnic. Some other sweet dessert ideas for your staycation include watermelon, strawberries, cupcakes and chocolate-covered pretzels. Later that night, stoke the fire pit and gather around for a yummy treat of s'mores under the stars.

Stars and Stripes Soundtrack

What backyard staycation is complete without the perfect soundtrack? When planning a patriotic staycation, select classic America-themed tunes and add them to a playlist to keep the good vibes going all day long. Some of our favorite hits include “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Firework” by Katy Perry and “All-American Girl” by Carrie Underwood. Better yet, follow us on Spotify to plug-and-play our Patriotic Holiday Playlist made just for you!

All-American Activities

Looking for staycation outdoor activities for your family? Enjoy the great outdoors with these ideas below:

Have a Friendly Competition

Set up a volleyball net and bump, set and hit your way to fun. Or, buy an inflatable beach ball and start up a casual game of toss. If you are feeling like a true All-American, add a little backyard baseball game into the mix. Bases may be loaded but you’ll hit this holiday out of the park!

Decorate a Family Ice Chest

If your family tends to be a little craftier, try decorating an ice chest. All you need is a white ice chest, paint and brushes and allow your creativity to soar! And if you want it to be even more memorable, add something each year with the date on it and see how the memories grow.

Show Your Spirit

If you really want to express your patriotic side, pull out a tie-dye kit and see who can create the best-looking T-shirt, grill apron for dad, hat, bandana or tablecloth for your picnic! Put on your favorite colors or keep it patriotic with red, white and blue dyes. To stand out even more, buy some star stickers and stick it onto the shirt before dyeing so that the color goes around the star, adding a little shape and white space to your shirt.

Plan the Perfect Photo-Ops

If your area allows it, plan ahead with some bright and beautiful fireworks. Make sure to have picture-perfect sparklers ready for memorable photos! You’ll never forget the way your friends’ and family’s faces glow under the light of the sparkling night.

Show Your Gratitude

Hand out blank papers and envelopes and write a letter to a veteran or solider thanking them for their service. This is a wonderful tradition to start to touch a soldier’s heart and connect your family to the true meaning of these holidays. What better way to thank them for their service?

Backyard Patriotic Family Staycation Fireworks

Celebrate America with an Epic Staycation

We hope you use these tips to create an unforgettable patriotic staycation. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you remember the meaning behind these holidays, give thanks whenever possible and spend quality time with your families.

If you are looking for more backyard staycation ideas and inspiration for the weekend, check out our Pinterest board for more fun.

Have Fun,’s

Staycation in Style Team

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