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How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Pool?

Courtyard Inground Pool with Gorgeous Turquoise Water | Pool Renovation

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you might be looking to update your existing pool. There are many reasons why you may want to remodel your pool. Perhaps you need to resurface your pool finish and would like to modernize your pool with the latest innovations. Or maybe you purchased a home with an existing pool and you want to change up the look to fit your style.

Whatever your reason for wanting to renovate your pool, this pool remodeling timeline will help you determine how long it will take to make your dream a reality.

Pool Renovation Timeline

When you want to update an old inground pool, you have many options that all have varying timelines. For instance, modernizing a pool by resurfacing it (the process of resurfacing the pool’s interior, replacing the waterline tile if necessary, and repairing or updating the pool deck) is considered one of the more simple pool renovation projects. On the other hand, an extensive inground pool remodel including reshaping the pool and adding to the deck takes more time.

How long does it really take to renovate a pool? Here is a general pool remodeling timeline that will give you some direction as you begin to plan. Keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances may cause delays in the process, causing this timeline to be shorter or longer. However, this timeline will give you a great place to get started.

1-2 Weeks: Start Planning Your Dream Pool

Before you remodel a pool, spend some time gathering inspiration and deciding how you want your future pool to look. Keep in mind these seven things to know about pool remodeling as well. Give yourself a few weeks to plan, find ideas and schedule consultations. It is recommended to speak to two or three contractors prior to committing to one.

Next, sit down with the pool professional and share your design ideas. Remember, while you have an idea of how you want your final swimming pool remodel to look, the pro has the experience and expertise to give you professional recommendations, design suggestions and product ideas. The ideation and design process should take one to two weeks.

1-2 Weeks: Time to Tear Down

Whether you are changing out your pool tile and the contractor needs to chip away the old tile, or you are doing a pool deck remodel and the contractor needs to demolish part of all of your old deck, they will need time to tear down the things you are replacing. Depending on the size of the pool or deck remodel, this process can take one to two weeks.

1-3 Weeks: Bringing Your Design to Life

Now that the planning and demolition are out of the way, it’s time for the contractor to begin the renovations. The length of this process will depend on the amount of work you are doing. For a resurfacing project, expect the contractor to complete the job in one to two weeks. For more complex projects like reshaping a pool or adding a beach entry, you should probably plan on two to three weeks.

Total Pool Renovation Time

From start to finish the pool renovation timeline takes about 4-8 weeks depending on the size of your pool, complexity of the design, material availability and your contractor’s schedule. If you’ve spoken to a contractor and have been provided a timeline that you are unsure about, feel free to reach out. can help you manage expectations or find other contractors in your area.