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Natural Stone

Natural Stone Pool Coping

No matter whether you are creating a driveway, walkway, patio, or decking, natural stone flooring is a sure way to beautify the area. There are several varieties of natural stone decking suitable for use in each of these areas.


The natural beauty of travertine makes it ideal for outdoor spaces as its rich tones and natural shade variations add warmth and sophistication. The stone resists temperature extremes and will remain cool to the touch even in the baking sun. Although travertine is an affordable choice, that doesn’t affect its durability – it can last up to 25 years.

Depending on the region, color choices range from a light milky color that will make your space look more expansive, to a mesmerizing silver stone that blends gray and beige tones, and to darker stones that give a classic look for those who like rich, earthy tones.

Marble Stone

The timeless elegance of marble creates a beautiful, inviting, truly unique space. The cool tones of the distinct swirls and striations found only in marble will enhance the natural serenity of your open-air sanctuary. Because of their timeless beauty and durability, marble pavers are a perennial favorite that never goes out of style. In fact, marble has been a go-to material since ancient times for artists and architects alike for its beauty and its durability.

Marble pavers are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and many homeowners see an increase in property values after installing marble floors. NPT offers many colors to choose from including stones with classic gray waves on white, those that eloquently capture the beauty of iconic Venetian stonework, and stones that feature a stunning array of creamy milk and caramel tones.

Calibrated Flagstone

Crafted from natural stones such as slate, bluestone, quartzite, sandstone, and limestone, calibrated flagstone is processed to ensure consistent thickness for lasting beauty and stability. Because it’s a natural stone, each flagstone paver is different. Flagstone comes in a range from reds and browns to blues and mossy green to charcoal grey and sand. The variety of available finishes includes brushed, antique or tumbled, sawn, hand-cut, and chiseled. Best of all, the unique colors do not fade and will last a lifetime.

When looking for interesting aesthetics and visual playfulness, nothing beats flagstone pavers. The range of available patterns means it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind hardscaping to complement a space. Choose random and irregular patterns for a free-form look, or opt for a more classic basket weave, cobble lock, diamond run, herringbone, or Venetian parquet.

Flagstone pavers can be acquired in a variety of shapes – like squares, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds, or irregular forms. Select the size that works best or even mix-and-match different sizes for visual interest. Calibrated pavers come in thickness options ranging from one to three inches. Generally, the thicker the paver, the stronger the decking. Your pool professional can guide you in this selection.

Indiana Limestone

As the name suggests, Indiana limestone (AKA Bedford limestone) is a huge deposit of limestone primarily quarried near the city of Bedford in south-central Indiana. It’s a popular building material thanks to its light texture and insulation from cold or heat. A composition of calcium carbonite, clay, silt, and sand creates its wide range of colors.

These easy-to-clean stones can be cut or carved into a wide variety of shapes and sizes including matching unusual corners or demanding architectural designs. A slab of Indiana limestone is the same composition throughout meaning that what you see on the surface of each paver is the same as what’s inside. Long-lasting limestone will wear evenly over decades, maintaining the same texture and tone as the day it was installed.

Your home deserves the best. Only you can decide what that is. But we think you’ll agree that natural stone – whether it’s travertine, marble, calibrated flagstone, or Indiana limestone – will help you create the look that’s right for you. To see the colors, blends, and textures of each type of stone offered in your region, visit one of NPT’s showrooms.