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Design Your Dream Backyard with NPT’s Pool Design App

What is the NPT Backyard App?

One of the hardest parts about building a backyard pool is deciding on a design and selecting materials. From picking a complementary shape for your backyard to finding the perfect tile and finish, seemingly limitless options can feel overwhelming. With the NPT Backyard App you can test out different pool shapes, finishes, tiles, hardscapes and more on a virtual pool, then place it in your very own backyard! The NPT Backyard App makes it easy to find the best NPT products for your space.

This amazing pool design app utilizes AR (Augmented Reality) technology to bring you closer to your dream pool ownership. For example, design your dream pool from start to finish using real NPT products then send the design directly to your builder from the app! The NPT Backyard is your free, personal, pocket-sized pool design studio.

NPT Backyard App, Pool Design App Augmented Reality on Backyard Background | Backyard Pool Design

Dream Pools like the free form pool with waterslide are available to try out in the NPT Backyard App!

What are some amazing features of the NPT Backyard App?

Some of the stand-out features of the backyard pool design app are:

  • Product Comparisons. Easily switch between NPT pool tiles, interior surfaces, coping and decking. This is the best way to predict and imagine how NPT products will look on your future pool.
  • Zoom Into Product Details. Ever wondered what your favorite NPT products look like up-close? Can’t visit a showroom to look at and touch your favorite tiles, finishes and hardscapes in person? With the NPT Backyard App, use your fingers to zoom into incredible details that give you a true sense of how products will look in your backyard.
  • AR View. Once you’re happy with your pool design, try it out in your very own backyard! Click on AR View (Augmented Reality) to place your virtual pool anywhere in your outdoor space.
  • Time of Day Lighting. The sun makes a huge impact on the look and feel of your backyard. But how can you be sure how the sun will transform your pool finish, tiles and more? With the NPT Backyard App you can select a time of day (morning, noon, afternoon or night) to see exactly how your pool and material selection will look at different times of day.
  • Save Your Designs. Have fun playing with different designs until you create one you love. Try out different combinations of products then make an NPT Backyard App account to save them to “Favorites.” You can easily compare your designs then send to your builder to make a reality.

What can you do with the design once created?

Once you’ve designed your dream backyard pool, you can send it to friends, family or a builder. If you want to keep playing with designs, save your designs to your “Favorites” to compare options! Just make sure to create an NPT Backyard account so you can save your designs.

What NPT products are available to try out in the app?

NPT worked hard to bring you an app that features fan-favorite products in addition to tiles, finishes and hardscapes from the NPT product catalogs.

In the tile section, select between a variety of glass, glossy, stone look, mosaic, boutique special order, basic or wood grain NPT pool tile. Some customer favorite tiles available in the app are Lightwaves, Fusion and Gemstone.

NPT finishes that are available in the backyard pool design app are from the StoneScapes, JewelScapes, QuartzScapes, ColorScapes, PlasterScapes and PolishedScapes lines of premium interior surfaces.

For hardscapes, you can choose between travertine, marble, porcelain, concrete, clay or flagstone coping and decking.

What are Dream Pools?

Dream Pools are pre-programmed pools within the free pool design app that represent the best of what’s possible in the backyard. These pools combine innovative design with immaculate product pairings to create dreamy backyard landscapes that users can visualize in their own homes.

What are Featured Pools?

Featured pools are pools that use all NPT products (from the tiles and finishes to coping and decking) and have been selected by our designers as examples of outstanding use of NPT’s products. Featured pools are there for those who need help narrowing down all the available options or need pool design ideas.

What pool shapes are available in the app?

Select from the following pool shapes that are available in the NPT Backyard App: Rectangle, Grecian, Lagoon, Riviera and True-L.

Who should use the app?

Anyone with a smart phone should download the NPT Backyard App! This 3D pool design app makes building a swimming pool fun, easy and exciting. From kids to grandparents, this backyard pool design app is user-friendly for all ages.

Where can users download the app?

Apple users can download the free NPT Backyard App on the App Store if they have iOS 13.0 or later. Android users can download the design a pool app on the Google Play store. The minimum requirement for Android users is Android 7.0 and up.

What if someone has questions about the app?

If you have questions about how to use the app, please visit the support page for Apple or Android. Have you used the app and identified an area where the app can be improved? Submit a feature request here

Enjoy NPT’s Free Swimming Pool Design App

We hope this article has inspired you to check out the NPT Backyard App and start creating your dream pool. Happy designing!