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Outdoor Yard Games: Fun for the Whole Family

Rectangle Backyard Pool with Cornhole, Basketball, Ping Pong | Outdoor Yard Games

Looking for outdoor yard games for your backyard pool area? You’ve come to the right place! Nothing makes a tailgate, barbecue or family reunion more fun than a little friendly competition. Ready to play? Check out at some of the best lawn games for around the pool that we’ve seen.

Ping Pong

Challenge your friends and family to a table tennis match to see who is the champion! This fabulous Ping Pong set from Ledge Lounger is UV, moisture and mildew resistant, making it the perfect backyard game for around the pool. Customize the resin, net and paddle colors to match your décor!


Washers is a fun outdoor tossing game similar to cornhole but with flat rings instead of bean bags. Additionally, the washer board has three holes versus one. Have fun in the sun and test your skills with Washers from Ledge Lounger, available in ten beautiful colors!


For a classic yard game that is endlessly fun for all ages, look no further than cornhole. Test your hand-eye coordination skills by trying to land bean bags in a small cut-out on the cornhole board. Customize this Ledge Lounger Cornhole board and bean bag set with dozens of color combinations to fit your outdoor style.

Family Friendly Backyard Pool with Cornhole and Waterslide | Backyard Living

This family-friendly backyard features a gray cornhole set from Ledge Lounger.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss from Ledge Lounger is an outdoor game that is fun for all ages. Put your skills to the test and try to land three rings of all different sizes on an upright post! Make the game even more fun by hosting a tournament with prizes for the winners!

Checkers & Tic Tac Toe

Take Checkers and Tic Tac Toe outdoors with this giant yard game from Ledge Lounger! This durable, high-quality reversible board makes it easy to play these two classic games with family and friends outdoors. The board’s large size and pastel colors bring a whimsical look to your backyard.

Kids Playing Checkers & Tic Tac Toe | Kids Yard Games

Kids of all ages love this oversized checkers and tic-tac-toe game board. Photo from Ledge Lounger.


Feel like a kid again with giant yard games like this oversized white and sky blue Dominoes from Ledge Lounger. Enhance your poolside game night, family reunion or tailgate with UV, mildew and moisture-resistant outdoor Dominoes.


Ball out in style with these amazing pool basketball games from S.R. Smith. Choose from six different styles, from traditional to salt-friendly. Basketball games are perfect for kids and adults alike so the fun never ends.

Turquoise Vinyl Liner Pool and Basketball Net, Pool Liner

Match your basketball game to your vinyl pool liner for a bright and colorful look.


Spike, set and serve your way to fun with these pool-friendly volleyball sets from S.R. Smith. Available in three customizable styles, you’ll be enjoying tons of fresh air and sunshine with a new pool volleyball net.

Yard Games Tips

  • You’re Invited! One amazing way to use your outdoor games is to host a game-themed party! Whether you choose a family tournament or an all-out Olympics-style extravaganza, make an event around the competitions and give prizes to the winners.
  • Color It Up. Color-coordinate your games to the rest of your outdoor décor. Ledge Lounger makes this easy since you can customize colors on many of its games.
  • Wear Sunscreen. Don’t let sunburn ruin your day of fun. Prevent sun damage to your skin with your favorite waterproof or sports sunscreen. Make sure to reapply if you are playing water-based sports and games.
  • Stay Hydrated. Ever had one of those days when you get so wrapped up in a game or activity that you totally forgot how long you’ve been in the sun? Cool off and stay hydrated by having plenty of water nearby whenever you’re outside.
Friends Enjoying an Outdoor Game Day | Outdoor Yard Games

Enjoy fun with friends and family with yard games.

Yard Games Near You

Ready to add some yard games to your backyard? Find a pool store here. To find a builder near you to create your outdoor space, click here!