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Top 10 Adult Pool Toys

Swimming Pool Toys for Adults, Pool Fitness

What is something every pool owner needs? Pool toys, of course! Making time for play is what keeps life interesting. Check out's picks for the best pool toys for adults and enhance your pool time with a little fun, fitness and relaxation!

1. Floating Lotus Lights

Enhance your pool party with beautiful floating Lotus-flower shaped lights. Turn any occasion into an elegant, vacation-inspired get together with floating waterproof pool lights!

Floating Lotus Flower Shaped Lights | Waterproof Pool Lights | Pool Party

2. Floating Cooler

Forget taking multiple trips into the house for drinks, ice and snacks. Bring those conveniences into the pool with a floating cooler! The inflatable design makes for easy storage.

INTEX Floating Pool Cooler

3. Water Polo

Game on! Dip into your competitive side with a swimming pool water polo set. Test out your stamina, emulate your favorite Olympic athletes or try a cool new sport with water polo!

Pool Water Polo Game

4. Pool Football

Host the ultimate tailgate party or practice your spiral with a football designed for the pool.

Pool Football Waterproof Football

5. Basketball

With a poolside basketball game, you've always got the home team advantage. Keep guests entertained with a pool basketball tournament or game of H.O.R.S.E.! Choose from multiple styles from traditional to salt-friendly from top manufacturers like S.R. Smith.

Swimming Pool Basketball Net | Poolside Basketball Game

6. Volleyball

Spike, set and serve your way to fun with pool-friendly volleyball sets. Available in customizable styles, you'll be enjoying tons of fresh air and sunshine with a volleyball net.

Swimming Pool Volleyball Net | Pool Fitness

7. Water Aerobics Belts

Maximize your water aerobic workout with fitness belts! Weighted belts fit around the waist, adding buoyancy and testing your core strength.

Water Aerobics Fitness Belt, Water Aerobic Workouts

8. Bar Bells

Reach your fitness goals faster with the addition of pool bar bells! These are the perfect pool toy for any adult wanting to incorporate strength training into their water workout routine.

Swimming Pool Bar Bells, Pool Toy | Pool Fitness

9. Pool Yoga Mats

“Namaste in the pool,” will become your new motto with a pool yoga mat. Enjoy the stress-reducing, meditative and strength-building qualities of yoga in your pool! Swimming pool yoga mats are similar in structure to a paddle board but rectangular for balance.

Yoga Mat For the Swimming Pool, Pool Yoga Mats

10. Memory Foam Pool

Sofa Imagine being as comfortable in your pool as you are in your living room. Now you can with an inflatable memory foam pool sofa, available in many beautiful colors like orange, fuchsia, lime or turquoise.

Memory Foam Pool Sofa | Inflatable Memory Foam Pool Sofa
Ready to find pool floats, coolers, pool yoga mats and other amazing pool toys for adults? Find the toys you need at a pool store near you now. Looking for more pool toy ideas? Check out's guide to the best pool toys for kids and dogs!