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Why Vacation When You Can Poolside Staycation

Woman Reading Book, While Lounging at the PoolPoolside

Hurray! You’ve been looking forward to this week all year long. This is your time off from work, the kids are out of school and you’re ready to kick back and relax. How are you going to use this well-deserved leisure time?

You could plan a vacation, coordinating flights, hotels, travel documents, luggage, activities and dining (whew!). But this year’s been hectic, and you dread making the arrangements. The parents’ house could be nice, but you’d still have to pack up the kids and the car for the 8-hour trip. And as much as you love your folks’ conversation, you’re looking forward to a little peace and quiet.

You want to enjoy your week off, spending your week bonding, laughing and feeling good. A stress-free vacation is what you dream of! Sounds like you’re in need of a staycation.

What is a Staycation?

A staycation (stay + vacation) is a term that describes a leisurely vacation that you don’t travel far to experience. In other words, you “stay” in your backyard or hometown to do activities that you would normally do on vacation, like sunbathing poolside or indulging in a fabulous meal.

There are many different types of staycation, but the key to making yours a success is maximizing the relaxation, fun and adventure of your time spent at home. Ready to plan the best staycation ever? We’ve compiled some of our best staycation ideas below:

How to Have the Best Staycation Ever

Pick a Theme

Close your eyes and imagine your dream vacation. Where does it take place? Are you on a sun kissed beach or in a wild jungle? A world-class resort or a winter hideaway?

Wherever you picture yourself having the best time, enhance your staycation space to bring that atmosphere to life. For example, décor, lighting, music and aroma set the mood and transport you to your chosen destination. A few ideas to transform your backyard into a backyard beach staycation include bohemian hammocks, island-inspired tiki torches and floral scented candles.

Backyard Hanging Chair Hammock Coastal, Poolside Staycation

Connect with Nature

Speaking of transporting yourself, one of the quickest ways you can do that is in your own backyard! Your outdoor living area makes the perfect poolside staycation place to connect with nature. Swim like a fish in the pool, soak in the hot tub under the stars, listen to the birds chirp in the trees or just lay back and watch the clouds float by.

Amplify these beautiful moments with soothing water features like bubblers, deck jets or waterfalls for the pool and pick out flowers in your favorite color to add to your garden. Just don’t forget to protect yourself while you’re hanging outdoors: sunscreen, bugspray and plenty of drinking water are keys to successful backyard staycations.

Unplug from Technology

One of the best ways to unwind during staycation is to unplug from technology. Taking time away from the daily screen routine gives your mind a break and your body a chance to connect with its natural side. Pick one day and silence your cell, log out of social media accounts and turn off email alerts. It may be tough, but it will be worth it, and you can do it.

Couple Sitting at Outdoor Dining Table, Backyard Living

Prioritize Relaxation

Just as if you were on vacation, your summer staycation goal should be to relax, recharge and reenergize before starting back up with work and school. This is the perfect time to catch up on some sleep, so don’t even think about setting a morning alarm! When you wake up, leisurely cook a healthful meal and savor every bite.

Need some other staycation ideas to maximize comfort? Sleep in, minimize chores and try some healing movement like yoga by the pool.

Treat yourself

Is food your favorite part of vacation? Channel your love for cuisine into your staycation. If you love cooking, try some new recipes you may not have had time for during the week. Better yet, fire up the grill for mouth-watering meals in your outdoor kitchen. Need some ideas? Check out our online library of grilling recipes!

If cooking isn’t your thing, order delivery from a spot you’ve always wanted to try and recreate a mini version of the restaurant’s interior in your own backyard. Make the experience as fun as possible, however you like to dine!

Have Fun

Sounds simple, right? Sometimes, though, we get so caught up in the planning of activities we forget the most important part: to fully enjoy them. If you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed, breathe and remember to have fun. Laugh a lot, be silly and your staycation will be a wonderful success.

People Relaxing by Outdoor Firepit, Outdoor Living

Staycation in Style

We hope you’ll use this blueprint to create your perfect backyard staycation. It just might be your new favorite way to vacation!

Ready to find professionals that can transform your backyard into a dream staycation destination? Connect with pros here.

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