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Small Pools, Big Impact

Outdoor Small Pools

What is a spool?

"Spools" or small + pools are compact backyard swimming pools that have a maximum length of ten to sixteen feet long. You may have heard of them referred to as "plunge pools," "cocktail pools," or "swim spas," but we use "spools" to refer to the broad category of small pools.

Why should you install a spool?

Small swimming pools are wonderful additions to the backyard because they are space saving and promote a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, their smaller sizes mean that spools require less chemicals and are quicker to clean than large pools – a delightful compromise for those looking to minimize maintenance and ownership costs.

Amazing Small Pool Designs

From natural-looking small pools to breathtaking modern designs, pool builders are showcasing their creativity by making compact pools in every shape and size. Check out 12 small pool design ideas that inspire us below:

NPT StoneScapes Midnight Blue Touch, Brick Coping

Bohemian Beauty

Highlights of this small bohemian pool are the NPT StoneScapes Midnight Blue Touch of Glass pool finish, lush landscaping and reclaimed brick coping. A tanning ledge with bubbler makes a perfect spot for cooling off during hot summer days.

Multi-Level Backyard Pool, Outdoor Living Area

City Spool

Spools are ideal for urban areas because of their compact size, privacy and health benefits. This multi-level outdoor living area nestles a small pool with a cascading bond beam and tanning ledge. Also featuring NPT Firestone pool tile on the waterline.

Backyard Small Pool, NPT’s StoneScapes Aqua Cool Touch of Glass Pool Finish

Suburban Stunner

This outdoor living area has it all: two-tier spool with connected spa, outdoor kitchen and unique furniture that fits the overall vibe. The combination of NPT’s StoneScapes Aqua Cool Touch of Glass pool finish with bright travertine coping and decking give this backyard a refreshing feel.

Outdoor Pool with Spa | Travertine Split Face Silver Stone Veneers

Sophisticated Spool

This spool’s white plaster finish, Travertine Split Face Silver stone veneers and porcelain paver hardscapes define contemporary glamour. The addition of a raised spa and bond beam with cascades enhance the elegance and relaxation in this backyard.

Backyard PolishedScapes Silver Reef Finish, Backyard Pool

Scandinavian Style Spool

Scandinavian style is defined by the use of wood, neutral tones and touches of organic material. This spool’s beautiful PolishedScapes Silver Reef finish, composite pool deck and turf surround give it a stylish Nordic feel.

QuartzScapes Curacao Night Pool Finish

Mountain Pond

This infinity spool is pure magic with its QuartzScapes Curacao Night pool finish, natural rock features and beach entry, opening up to breathtaking views of the surrounding environment.

Infinity Edge Small Pool | Modern Pool Design

Modern Marvel

Do you love the industrial, clean look of modern design? You’ll love this fabulous contemporary infinity edge spool with inset spa overlooking a California lake. Its knife edge and black finish create the captivating, mirror-like surface.

Backyard Small Rectangular Pool

Sporty Spool

Imagine starting your morning with a refreshing swim in your very own backyard. Narrow pools designed for laps are fantastic ways to use your backyard to improve your health and fitness. This pool features a long but narrow design with a central tile lap lane.

Small Pool with Raised Spa & Waterfall

Adventure Spool

Think a spool is too small to fit all the features you want? Think again! This beautiful backyard features a small pool and spa combo, waterfall made with natural stone AND tanning ledge!

Tropical-Inspired Small Pool | NPT Verona Borba Turquoise Pool Tile

Tropical Vibes

We love the fun personality that bright blue NPT JewelScapes Iolite pool finish and turtle mosaics bring to this tropical-inspired in ground swimming pool. Natural stone waterfall, NPT Verona Borba Turquoise pool tile and turf surround enhance the beachy feel of this backyard.

Backyard Pool with Spa,Outdoor Living Space | NPT QuartzScapes Barbados Blue Pool Finish

Rustic Retreat

This homeowner chose a custom-shaped small pool to maximize their outdoor living space. We love how the NPT QuartzScapes Barbados Blue pool finish contrasts with the warm-toned natural stone features like the spa and fireplace.

Build Your Spool Today

Ready to build your very own backyard spool? Find a builder near you using our dealer locator tool. To view more inspirational small pool designs, check out our photo gallery!


Staycation-in-Style Team