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Summer’s Hot Swimming Pool Trends

Deep Blues Interior Pool Finish

Enough with the sweltering days of summer. Enough with a sweat-drenched lifestyle. You’re plunging ahead and installing a backyard oasis, where you’ll lounge in the cool water of your inground swimming pool instead of sweating it out in the heat.

You’ve made your decision.

The only thing between you and those refreshing summer days is the swimming pool construction process. As you’re choosing your pool design and eagerly anticipating installation, keep in mind some of the pools trends that are popular in the industry this year:

Deep Blues Interior Pool Finish

Dark Colors – Darker interior pool finish colors like deep blues, grays, or even black help create a natural lagoon feel, blends seamlessly into your landscape, and invites relaxation.

Rustic Stone Inground Pool

Rustic Stone – Accent your inground pool with the tranquil trickle of a rugged rock waterfall or smooth stone pavers for added natural effect.

Pool Ledges Shallow Spaces

Sun Shelves – In-pool ledges remain a popular element, adding contrast to a pool’s elevation and improving its functionality for all age groups. These shallow spaces provide ample room for toddlers to splash, while adults use sun shelves to lounge in cool water and work on a tan.

Single Depth Pools

Single Pool Depth – Depending on how you plan to use your pool, you may find that a single depth suits your needs better than the traditional graduated depth. Single depth pools give you more room for aquatic exercise -- from lap swimming to water aerobics --and can be more efficient to heat.

Swimming Pool Automation

Pool Automation – We live in a “smart” world now, and your pool should be no different. Monitor your pool’s temperature, chemical levels, and even remotely control your pool cleaning system via a phone app or pool remote control. Turn pool maintenance over to the robots while you relax and enjoy the slow pace of sunny summer days.